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At Home Test For Thyroid

How Do Home Thyroid Tests Work

How to test your Thyroid at home

You can order at-home thyroid test kits online. Companies will send these kits directly to your home and include everything you need to perform the test yourself. First, you do a finger prick to collect a small blood sample just a few drops on a test strip or in a small tube. Then you mail the sample back to the lab in the provided packaging. You can usually get results within a few days via an online portal.

At-home thyroid test kits measure your thyroid-stimulating hormone levels and look for certain antibodies that can affect your thyroid function. But the exact tests vary depending on the company and kit you choose.

What Are The Signs And Symptoms Of An Underactive Thyroid

The signs and symptoms of an underactive thyroid usually develop over a long period of time and depend on the amount of thyroid hormones produced. Symptoms can also vary from person to person depending on their overall health.

The most common symptoms include fatigue weight gain low tolerance to cold dry skin depression constipation slow heart rate puffy face muscle weakness and cramps high cholesterol levels impaired memory stiffness and swelling of joints irregular menstrual periods thinning hair swollen neck frequent respiratory and urinary infections insomnia anaemia and loss of sexual drive.

If left untreated, an underactive thyroid can cause more severe symptoms such as hearing loss hoarseness and an even slower heart rate which can increase the risk of heart disease.

In infants, common signs and symptoms of an underactive thyroid include yellowness of the skin and the whites of the eyes a larger than average tongue difficulty breathing an umbilical hernia and excessive crying.

Does Insurance Cover At

Most insurance policies do not cover the cost of at-home medical tests. Some may, however, so check with your insurance company. The majority of test-kit vendors wont bill your insurance, so youll probably need to submit a claim for reimbursement.

If you have a Health Savings Account or Flexible Spending Account , you may be able to use it to cover the cost of an at-home thyroid test. Check the details of your account and the policies of the test-kit vendor before ordering.

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What Are The Symptoms Of Thyroid Disease

Someone who has hypothyroidism is basically slowed down. Symptoms can include:

  • Feeling cold all the time
  • Irregular menstrual periods

Either state can be caused by autoimmune dysfunction that directly impacts the thyroid gland , or by a history of other autoimmune diseases that may have a genetic component. Both can also be triggered by pregnancy and are more likely to impact women.

Hypothyroidism also can be caused by radiation therapy for treating cancer in the head or neck.

How Much Does A Thyroid Test At Home Cost

Home TSH (Underactive) Thyroid Test

Compared to other tests that entail more biomarkers, such as the at-home mens health test or the at-home womens health test, the price of this one is relatively low.

The biomarkers described above are the most commonly tested in most at-home thyroid tests. However, some companies might not test for TPO, while others might include other markers such as vitamin D and reverse T3.

  • LetsGetChecked: $99 for the thyroid test or $119 for the thyroid antibody test . There are subscription tiers per frequency:
  • Every 3 months: $69.30/$83.30
  • Every 6 months: $79.20/$95.20
  • Every 12 months: $84.15/$101.15
  • EverlyWell: $99. You may also become a Control member for a monthly $24.99 subscription and get one test per month. Their at-home thyroid test is included in this subscription.
  • Paloma Health: $99
  • Imaware: $69. This one is for females only and only a TSH test

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Best In Multiple Categories: Zrt

  • Offers three thyroid tests, ranging from basic to comprehensive and elemental exposures

  • The company is its own CLIA-certified laboratory

  • Tests are on the pricier end, ranging from $175 to $319

Biochemist and breast-cancer researcher David Zava started ZRT Laboratory in 1998, intending to provide accurate, comprehensive, and meaningful test results with educated insight that help you and your doctors make informed decisions about treatments.

We chose ZRT Laboratory because it offers the most options in terms of testing and is itself a CLIA-certified lab, not just a vendor. It claims to use a superior extraction process for samples that means you dont have to stop taking supplemental hormones before testing, which you have to do for some tests. Youll receive your results within 5 to 7 days of the company receiving your test materials.

ZRT works with select insurance companies and will bill them for you as an out-of-network provider. Your insurance company may or may not cover the costs–be sure to check with them ahead of time.

Where Can I Get An At

For more accurate test results, look for providers that have certifications from the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments and College of American Pathologists .

Some popular providers of thyroid test kits include:

The exact tests vary, so make sure to read the details before choosing a test kit. Kits can cost between $60 and $120 and health insurance doesnt cover them. But you may be able to use FSA or HSA funds to pay for them.

Another option for testing your thyroid without seeing a doctor is direct-to-consumer thyroid tests from providers like HealthLabs. With this option, the provider gives you a laboratory request slip. Then you take the lab slip to a local lab to get your blood drawn. You can usually get results back in a few days.

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What To Look For When Buying Online

The internet has made shopping easier than ever before. You can find anything you need with just a few clicks of the mouse. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind when shopping online. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your online shopping experience.

1. Customer Reviews

As we mentioned before, online sites such as Amazon, eBay, and Overstock have a review section. This section is filled with customer feedbacks and even pictures of the product. Browsing through these reviews is the smartest thing to do. These reviews allow you to comprehend how the product will work for you. You can even determine the pros and cons of these reviews.

Check the rating on the website to learn if the seller is delivering the product as expected by the other buyers.

The item youre buying. Make sure youre getting what you want and that its the correct size, color, etc.

2. Quality

Product quality is the most important aspect to take into account when choosing a product. The quality of a product can vary greatly depending on the brands vision and objectives. Some brands emphasize long-term robustness, while others emphasize the products service. Carefully examine each brands promises before selecting the one whose quality best fits your needs.

3. Features

What are The Benefits of Buying Best Thyroid Test Online?

Why Take A Thyroid Function Home Test

Thyroid Self Test: 4 Ways to Check your Thyroid at Home

Taking a home thyroid function test is very important because the health of your thyroid will affect almost every aspect of your bodily functions and organs, from your heart to your weight, brain function, muscle development, and lungs to only name a few.

An early understanding of thyroid problems is always beneficial because it can help contain the extent of the problem, which is why you should get tested regularly, especially if you take certain medications or have specific medical conditions that might affect the activity of your thyroid gland.

The thyroid function and autoimmunity home test kit is also available to measure the levels of specific antibodies that are directed at the thyroid gland or hormones in auto-immune diseases.

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Low Body Temperature And Hypothyroidism

Low body temperature is an epidemic problem.

I have personally talked with nurses and have heard stories from others in the medical field who chart temperatures all day long and who openly admit that its rare to find anyone today with a 98.6°F temperature unless fever is present.

Low body temperature is more often than not, an indicator of hypothyroidism.

Am I saying that everyone today is hypothyroid?

Of course not, but its well known that hypothyroid people get sick more often and are far more likely to develop health complications and disease.

So, it should be understandable that the majority of people being seen in hospitals and doctors offices for health problems today are far more likely to be hypothyroid.

Your thyroid is responsible for controlling and regulating a large number of functions within your body including:

  • Metabolism and Heat Production
  • Health of Every Tissue
  • Health of Every Cell

But today, we dont even stop to consider the potential impact that thyroid health has on every function of the human body, and instead we only focus on its impact on our metabolism and our ability to lose weight.

Every cell in your body relies on thyroid hormone to produce energy and remain healthy.

When your cells use thyroid hormone they produce more energy and therefore more heat.

When your cells are starved of thyroid hormone, they produce less energy and therefore less heat.

How Does Everlywell Work

When a person orders an at-home test kit, Everlywell sends the test request to an independent network of doctors. A board certified doctor reviews the request and decides whether it is suitable for the customer.

If the test is suitable for the person, the doctor approves it, and the company sends a test kit to them. The person then follows the instructions in the kit to collect the necessary samples and sends them through the mail to undergo testing in a laboratory.

Once the laboratory technicians have analyzed the persons samples, they send the results to the doctor who approved the test. The doctor then sends the results to Everlywell, who sends a notification to the customer.

If the doctor believes that the test the person has ordered is not suitable for them, they notify Everlywell, who issues a refund to the customer.

Everlywell encourages customers to share their test results with a healthcare professional. The company states that it is easy for someone to share their test results with a doctor if they want to. However, the company will not disclose test results to anyone without the persons permission.

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How To Read Thyroid Test Results

A blood test showing a high level of TSH and low T4 may be an indicator that a person has hypothyroidism.

Higher levels of TSH and T4 levels in a typical range may mean that a person is at risk of developing hypothyroidism in the future.

People who receive results that show they have low levels of TSH and higher levels of T3 or T4 is an indicator that they have hyperthyroidism.

However, it is important to discuss any at-home thyroid test results with a healthcare professional to ensure a person is interpreting the results correctly.

If a persons symptoms persist, they should contact a healthcare professional.

Symptoms of hypothyroidism may include:

If symptoms indicate a thyroid disorder, but the result of an at-home test is negative, contact a doctor for advice.

Below are answers to some common questions about at-home thyroid tests.

What To Consider When Searching For An At


In your search for an at-home thyroid test, decide what is most important for your needs. Most tests measure TSH and T4 levels. You may need further tests that measure levels such as T3, T7, TSI, and antibodies. Find out what types of recommendations for additional testing or treatment plans each company offers.

At-home tests can be considered if you have symptoms that cause you to suspect a thyroid disorder. You may also want to test your thyroid levels after implementing lifestyle changes, starting a new medication, or beginning a treatment plan. Its also a good idea to do a home test if you are at risk of developing a thyroid disorder.

At-home thyroid tests offer plenty of advantages and drawbacks to consider.

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Facts About A Thyroid Test At Home

  • Purpose: A thyroid test at home is suited for people who experience symptoms of hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, or have a history of thyroid problems or autoimmune disorders in their families. This test evaluates thyroid gland function by assessing levels of TSH, T3, T4, and, in some tests, thyroid antibodies.
  • How it Works: When you visit the website, you order your thyroid test at home, which you usually get within 5 days. In all cases, you have to send a blood sample. The kit will include all the effects needed to do so at home.
  • Results: The testing company usually provides a card with information unique to you. Once the results are up, you will receive an email to check them online. If an abnormal level is detected, you might get a phone call from a nurse or medical advisor.
  • Recommended product: Nebula Genomics Thyroid Test
  • Whats Included In A Full Thyroid Panel

    A full thyroid panel usually checks thyroid-stimulating hormone , triiodothyronine , and thyroxine levels. In some cases, a blood test for thyroid function will also check your bloodâs level of TPO antibodies. If you have abnormal thyroid hormone levels, high levels of TPO antibodies can point to an autoimmune thyroid disease as a possible reason for those abnormal levels.

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    Who Can Take A Thyroid Test At Home

    Anyone can check their thyroid hormone levels, but generally speaking, asymptomatic patients do not need to take these tests. Generally, certain populations are at a higher risk of having compromising thyroid disorders:

    • People with autoimmune diseases such as type 1 diabetes, Addisons disease, and celiac disease
    • People with a family history of thyroid condition
    • Recently pregnant women

    If you are experiencing symptoms of an interactive or underactive thyroid, you should consider taking an at-home test.

    Why Take The Thyroid Function Test

    Do-It-Yourself Home Test for Hypothyroidism (Low Thyroid)

    Our Thyroid Function home blood test kit checks the two key Thyroid Function hormones to confirm normal thyroid function and indicate an overactive or underactive thyroid.

    Thyroid disorders affect one in twenty people in the UK. Are you one of them?

    Take control of your health without any of the inconvenience of going to the doctors with one of Vitalls at-home blood tests.

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    When Should I Get An At

    Thyroid testing is tailored to a persons specific health needs, and there are no universal guidelines for the appropriate use of at-home thyroid testing. Many people choose at-home thyroid tests because they are curious about their own health. However, diagnosing and monitoring thyroid disorders require the interpretation and advice of a physician.

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    Who Should Use An At

    Experts in thyroid health like Barbour recommend at-home testing for anyone who has been previously diagnosed with a thyroid condition or suspects that they may have one, due to experiencing common signs of a thyroid issue. She explains that it’s a convenient tool for screening for thyroid disorders for those who don’t have health insurance or arent actively seeking a healthcare provider. It may also be a useful tool for monitoring your response to changes in your thyroid medication, if going to a lab center for a blood draw is not accessible. However, any adjustments in medication should only be done under the supervision of your health provider.

    And while at-home thyroid tests are definitely a useful tool for many, it’s important to turn to your healthcare provide to best understand your results. So even though some brands offer virtual consultations with a prescribing physician to help find the best treatment or remedies to help with thyroid issues, we still recommend partnering with a thyroid-focused endocrinologist. Remember: At-home testing should never be used as a replacement for care from a healthcare practitioner.

    Do Home Thyroid Tests Work


    Thyroid tests can show whether a person has levels of thyroid hormones or antibodies that suggest a health problem.

    The FDA considers home test kits to be helpful for detecting conditions in people without symptoms and useful for health monitoring in people who need to regularly adjust their treatment plans. However, the FDA does not describe the effectiveness or accuracy of thyroid tests.

    It is important to discuss the results of a home test with a doctor. These tests should not replace regular checkups. If a person has symptoms of a thyroid disorder but their results are negative, they should still speak with a doctor.

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    Best For Home And Lab Testing: Health Testing Centers

    • List price:$39$639 or $119, depending on the test
    • Results time: 12 days
    • Type of test: finger prick
    • Insurance coverage: no insurance coverage
    • Tests for antibodies: yes
    • Medically reviewed: yes

    This company offers individual tests for TSH, TPO, free T3, T4, and reverse T3. A person can take certain tests at home. All are available in a lab.

    If a person orders an at-home test, shipping can take 57 days. Alternately, a person can give their sample at a LabCorp or Quest Diagnostics lab without making an appointment.

    The company says that results arrive in 12 days.

    Prices range from $39$639.

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