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Best Selenium Supplement For Thyroid

Powers Up The Immune System

The Importance of Selenium for the Thyroid

Our immune systems perform a variety of life-preserving functions such as fighting off dangerous bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Our immune systems also fight infection and help to heal wounds on the body as well. When the immune system goes awry, it can become overactive and attack the body. This becomes autoimmune disease, which can manifest in various systems.

Seleniums antioxidant capabilities lower inflammation and protect the immune system by lowering oxidative stress. The immune systems then begins to respond appropriately and enhances immunity to disease, infection, and lessens autoimmune flareups.

A selenium deficiency slows the immune response to fighting infections. Patients who are fighting more serious infections such as influenza A, tuberculosis and hepatitis C can also benefit from selenium supplements.

Selenium Supplementation For Autoimmune Hyperthyroidism

Selenium supplementation has also resulted in thyroid improvements in a few studies relating to Graves disease, and appears to also have a beneficial effect on Graves orbitopathy or ophthalmopathy .

In one study, serum selenium levels in patients with remission and relapse of Graves disease were compared. The authors found that the highest serum selenium levels were seen in the remission group, indicating a positive effect of selenium levels on the outcome of Graves disease.

Regarding Graves orbitopathy, one study found that treatment with selenium was associated with less eye involvement, improved quality of life, and delayed progression of Graves orbitopathy at six months.

As of 2018, there have been at least two active studies underway to gain more definitive results, the GRASS and the CATALYST . These trials are focused on obtaining data concerned with the optimal amount of selenium supplementation necessary for patients with Graves hyperthyroidism that will provide the fastest remission and improved quality of life.

Even without this definitive data, however, a recommendation for seleniums use in mild cases was incorporated into the recent guidelines for the European Group On Graves Orbitopathy . This is very significant and suggests that selenium may be recommended for Graves disease-related conditions in the near future.

Can Selenium Be Toxic

Consumption of approximately 330mcg/day of selenium could potentially be toxic but a safe range is 50-400mcg/day. 850-900mcg of selenium a day has been documented to be considered a minimum of developing selenium toxicity but I definitely would never recommend doses this high. 200mcg a day as noted above is a reasonably safe dose and it is also the dose used in the above studies on Hashmotoâs disease.

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Which Selenium Supplements Are Best

Selenium may not be the most recognized amino acid, but it remains an important one to consider in your overall health regimen. Found primarily in fish, meat and nuts, selenium has antioxidant properties and is considered an important component of thyroid health. While many people get enough selenium from their diets, others face significant deficits that supplements fulfill.

Finding a quality selenium supplement includes many important considerations. For overall quality and absorption, Thorne Research Selenomethionine is the top choice.

Can You Have Too Much Selenium

Selenium 200 Mcg for Immune Support, Thyroid, Prostate &  Heart Health ...

Having too much selenium is rare, but it can occur with over-supplementation. This is why working with a healthcare provider and having your selenium levels tested periodically is important.

Selenosis Symptoms

Symptoms of having too much selenium include:

  • Bad/garlic breath
  • Metallic taste in the mouth
  • Brittle hair and nails/hair or nail loss
  • Nervous system abnormalities .

You could accumulate toxic levels of selenium by over supplementing, or even by eating too many Brazil nuts . Brazil nuts are so high in selenium that you only need one or two per day to get the recommended amount .

Overall, it pays to be mindful with selenium supplementation follow your providers instructions and monitor your symptoms closely.

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Ingredients & Potential Interactions

It is essential to carefully read the ingredient list and nutrition facts panel of a supplement to know which ingredients and how much of each ingredient is included, relative to the recommended daily value of that ingredient. Please bring the supplement label to a healthcare provider to review the different ingredients contained in the supplement and any potential interactions between these ingredients and other supplements and medications you are taking.

Some thyroid supporting nutrients like selenium, zinc, and iodine are combined with other vitamins, minerals, and herbs. Unless you have a known deficiency or additional need for other nutrients found in a supplement, its best to choose a supplement that contains just the nutrient you are looking for to avoid potential interactions with medications or over-consuming nutrients.

Some iron supplements also contain vitamin C, as vitamin C aids the absorption of iron. For most people, this is considered safe as long as youre not exceeding the tolerable upper intake level for vitamin C, which is 2,000 mg for adults.

Dr Mercola Zinc + Selenium

Dr. Mercola Zinc + Selenium has a targeted formula to address some of the most common trace mineral deficiencies in elderly people.

In addition to its namesake ingredients of zinc and selenium , this supplement also includes 0.25 mg of copper, another essential trace mineral thats increasingly important as you get older.

Though its not the product for you if all you want to address is your selenium levels, many users will appreciate its more holistic approach to mineral deficiencies.

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Selenium Overdose & Toxicity

Some supplements carry with them very little chance of toxicity while others can potentially cause harm if consumed in large quantities.

You may think that all supplements which are sold over the counter are safe but this isnt true either.

In fact, one of the most dangerous medications you can buy is available over the counter and thats Tylenol .

Tylenol is easy to overdose on because of the way that it is metabolized in the body.

On the other hand, supplements like B12 are very safe to use in large quantities because any extra will be eliminated through your urine .

So where does selenium fit?

Selenium is somewhere right in the middle.

Its safe to use if used in small quantities, but it is theoretically possible to overdose if used incorrectly.

But, even with the risk of overdose, its still actually quite hard to reach those levels.

To illustrate this point consider this example:

Back in 2008, there were a number of people who were exposed to over 200 times the daily recommended dose of selenium .

Of these people, only 1 person was hospitalized and all eventually recovered.

So, while the risk of toxicity and overdose is real, the chances of you getting to that toxic dose is very unlikely.

You would need to consume pretty much an entire bottle of 200mcg tablets of selenium each day for a month to reach those levels.

While true toxicity is rare, that doesnt mean you might not tolerate selenium supplementation when you start taking it.

  • Nail discoloration

Selenium Supplementation And Pregnancy

12 Amazing Benefits of Selenium

It is estimated that up to 10 percent of pregnant women are positive for TPO antibodies, and that about 8 percent of all pregnant women develop postpartum thyroiditis. So the research relating to pregnant women with TPO antibodies is important, as selenium supplementation can significantly decrease the percentage of those with postpartum thyroiditis and hypothyroidism.

In an interesting study involving 2143 pregnant women with autoimmune thyroiditis in euthyroidism , selenium supplementation was given during and after pregnancy. Of the original group, 169 were positive for thyroid peroxidase antibodies and were divided into two groups: 77 pregnant women received 200mcg of selenomethionine a day, and 74 received placebo doses.

The group that supplemented with selenium during their pregnancy as well as postpartum, showed a decrease in the progression of autoimmune thyroiditis, including a reduction in TPO antibody levels. They also showed a decreased incidence of thyroid dysfunction in the postpartum period, better thyroid ultrasound patterns, and decreased permanent hypothyroidism.

This suggests that selenium supplementation for pregnant women with TPO antibodies can lead to a reduction in antibodies and a decrease in postpartum thyroiditis and hypothyroidism. There have also been studies focused on pregnant women, suggesting that selenium administration may have a protective role relating to pregnancy loss.

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What To Do If You Have Low Levels Of Iodine

Many people come to me already in the midst of iodine supplementation . However, most people with Hashimotos are not deficient in iodine. Furthermore, too much iodine can be a bad thing as weve seen, especially if you have not addressed the underlying issues triggering your Hashimotos.

That said, I have heard from a few clients and readers that adding selenium in the presence of low iodine levels has made them feel worse.

If you do have an adverse reaction to selenium , you may find that you have an iodine deficiency. While I dont usually recommend taking iodine supplements until addressing other root causes, you can certainly talk with your practitioner about whether a low-dose iodine supplement might be right for you.

Some potential factors that may lead me to suspect an iodine deficiency include: eating a diet low in seafood, eating a vegan diet, having fibrocystic breasts , or having low reverse T3 levels. You can find out more about iodine in the Advanced Protocols section of my book Hashimotos Protocol.

What Are Todays Most Popular Best Selenium Supplement For Thyroid Models

There are many best selenium supplement for thyroid items accessible today for men and women seeking quality and reliability. Every best selenium supplement for thyroid model follows the same essential premise. But they appeal to various users.

Inevitably, certain products will only appeal to particular types of people. Which products are the most popular amongst customers as a whole, you could ask. If you’d want a list, we have one here. Check out our wide range of products that look to be appealing to people of various ages, genders, and places.

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Role Of Selenium In Thyroid

Selenium in the form of selenoproteins is involved in the metabolism of thyroid hormones. These selenoproteins are part of two thyroid enzymes named deiodinaes and glutathione peroxidase .

These deiodinas enzymes is responsible for conversion of T 4 hormone to T3 hormone. Thyroid hormone is produced in T4 form but the active form is the T3 form which your body can actually utilize for optimal functioning.

So inadequate levels of selenium in your body can lead to impaired production of the deiodinase enzyme which in turn interferes with conversion of T4 to T3 and thus body feels it has low thyroid hormones.

The other enzyme glutathione peroxidase is involved in antioxidant activities in thyroid. During production and conversion of thyroid hormones, there are free radicals which are formed. These free radicals if left alone can damage your body, so the body has created defense mechanisms to get rid of these free radicals through the enzyme called glutathione peroxidase.

Always Vet Your Supplement

Pure Selenium Thyroid Support Supplement

When supplement shopping, be sure to reach for one that has been analyzed or verified by an independent lab since the FDA does not have a hand in the regulation. This is recommended because mislabeling can happen.

Back in 2008, a dietary supplement that claimed it had 200 micrograms of selenium per ounce actually had 200 times that amount. People consuming the product for less than a month had diarrhea, fatigue, hair loss, and joint pain .

Before popping a daily supp, try and meet your needs through food. Here are some vegetarian and nonvegetarian meal options to add selenium to your morning, afternoon, and evening.


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Does Selenium Have Anti

Some studies have found higher selenium levels are associated with a lower incidence of cancer particularly breast, prostate, lung, esophageal, and gastric cancers.

Selenium supplementation may also improve quality of life in those going through radiotherapy.

However, other studies have found no significant link between selenium and cancer outcomes. So, the evidence for selenium preventing and treating cancer isnt strong enough to make any claims.

Q: Which Selenium Supplement Should I Choose

To find the best form of selenium for you, its important to think about how much of this essential mineral you need, and how you are most comfortable taking it.

Selenomethionine is widely regarded as the best form for absorption, followed closely behind by L-selenomethionine.

You can check the daily value percentage on the bottle to get a better idea of how potent the supplement is and how that fits into your diet.

You have the choice of capsules or liquid, with both options delivering very similar results in terms of daily intake and overall mineral content.

If you are comfortable swallowing capsules, you have a wider variety to choose from, but liquid supplements work well, too, especially when you want more flexibility to adjust the dosage.

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Why Dont You Recommend Brazil Nuts

Brazil nuts can contain anywhere from .2mcg to 253mcg of selenium depending on where they come from. Just imagine if you were eating 3 Brazil nuts a day from a source that was on the higher end of this range. You could easily begin to develop selenium toxicity and we would also have to factor in all the selenium you are getting from the rest of the food you are eating and any supplements such as a multivitamin. If youâre going to consume Brazil nuts, donât take any selenium supplements and it would be wise to eat them in extreme moderation such as once a week or even once a month.

The Best Supplements For Your Thyroid

9 Thyroid supplements Every Hypothyroid Patient Should Consider Using

Watch the YouTube video.

Not all thyroid supplements are equally effective in fact, some can actually make your hypothyroid symptoms worse.

Before we go over the best and worst supplements for your thyroid, you first need to understand some of the underlying mechanisms of hypothyroidism.

Around 95-98 percent of cases are caused by an autoimmune disease called Hashimotos, which determines which supplements will work best for those patients.

You might have come across the mistaken belief that hypothyroidism is caused by a nutritional deficiency of iodine, tyrosine, or thyroid glandulars. This is an outdated theory from the 1950s and 60s that unfortunately still persists today.

In actuality, iodine and tyrosine are not the best options for those with Hashimotos and thyroid glandulars should never be used as a replacement for thyroid medication.

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Which Foods Can Ensure Proper Thyroid Function

Foods that are rich in minerals and essential trace nutrients and are needed for the regular functioning of the thyroid should be included in your diet to ensure that you have a healthy thyroid.

Foods like fish and kelp are rich sources of iodine, whereas mushrooms, spinach, and broccoli are rich in zinc and copper. For selenium, you can have eggs and whole grains.

Are You Taking Too Much Selenium On Accident

Before you run out and start taking selenium for your thyroid we need to have a discussion about your dose.

It turns out that the amount of selenium that you take is very important!

Unlike other supplements, you can relatively easily take too much selenium on accident.

And too much selenium can actually cause a number of symptoms that mimic thyroid problems .

In the case of selenium, having too little is just as bad as having too much.

So whats the magic number?

In my own experience, I feel that using somewhere between 75 and 150mcg of selenium per safe to be a safe dose.

Taking less than this typically doesnt have much benefit and taking more than this gets you into the range where you may start to experience the side effects of toxicity.

This is the dose that I formulate my thyroid supplements with because Ive used it with great success over the years.

Having said that, some studies and some authorities do suggest that its safe to take up to 400mcg of selenium daily and that you really dont start to see the signs of toxicity until you exceed 500 to 600mcg per day.

Even though these higher doses may be safe for MOST people, its always better to get away with less if possible because most people dont account for the amount of selenium that they consume in their diet.

This is especially true for people who consume brazil nuts on a frequent basis.

Reducing your dose of selenium should help quickly to reverse these symptoms.

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Which Vitamins And Minerals Are Beneficial For The Thyroid

The deficiency of B vitamins has shown some association with thyroid dysfunction. However, it is not clear if supplementation with B vitamins alone can restore the normal functioning of the thyroid.

Minerals like iron, selenium, copper, and zinc are essential for the maintenance of a healthy thyroid.

Is It Time To Get A New Best Selenium Supplement For Thyroid

Selenium 200mcg for Thyroid, Prostate and Heart Health

Youre looking for a new best selenium supplement for thyroid. Think about it. It’s impossible to foresee pricing fluctuations in the future. The sooner you buy, the better off you’ll be if manufacturing doesn’t slow down. If, on the other hand, production is falling and prices are expected to climb, you might want to hold off on making a decision until the hype has calmed down.

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How Selenium Deficiency Can Trigger Hashimotos

It can be a bit complicated, but its worth spending a few minutes talking about how a deficiency in selenium can be a trigger for Hashimotos. Its also important to understand the iodine piece of this, as high levels of iodine can increase the risk for selenium deficiency.

Adequate levels of both iodine and selenium are required for optimal thyroid hormone metabolism. Thyroxine is produced by the thyroid gland in ample amounts, but is relatively biologically inactive. Therefore, triiodothyronine , the biologically active thyroid hormone, must be produced by a hormone conversion process, converting T4 to T3. This conversion occurs mostly in the liver and is the process that iodine supports.

The antioxidant selenium is required during this conversion process, its role being to neutralize the toxic build-up of hydrogen peroxide which is produced as a by-product of the hormone conversion.

Remember I mentioned that the thyroid contained the highest amount of selenium in the body?

This removal process is important, as hydrogen peroxide is a reactive oxygen species, which causes oxidative damage and inflammation. The build-up of reactive oxygen species in cells can cause damage to DNA or even cell death. Seleniums job of neutralizing the hydrogen peroxide produced during thyroid hormone conversion , becomes even more critical when a person has high iodine levels.

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