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Doctors That Treat Thyroid Problems

Experience And Expertise Related To All Types Of Thyroid Disorders

3 Diseases Doctors Often Miss | PCOS + EDS + Thyroid Disorders

We have a large group of endocrinologists who specialize in thyroid disorders. They treat patients at the Nebraska Medical Center in Midtown Omaha and at Village Pointe Health Center in West Omaha.

We also have a team of providers dedicated to the treatment of thyroid nodules and thyroid cancer. At Nebraska Medicine, you can be seen by an endocrinologist and a thyroid surgeon on the same day.

The collaborative, multi-disciplinary approach to thyroid care leads to increased communication between our providers, which ensures all aspects of your condition are being addressed. Our surgeons are trained in endocrine, general and ENT surgery.

Expert Care For Thyroid Disorders In San Diego

Thyroid diseases affect more than 20 million Americans and occurs more often in women than men. Because the thyroid gland produces hormones that control important functions, such as heart rate and metabolism, thyroid problems may require treatment to help you get back to feeling good.

The endocrinologists at Scripps diagnose and treat all types of thyroid disorders.

Seeking A Second Opinion For All Your Thyroid Problems

In spite of getting treatment for your thyroid problems, you can also get the medical second opinions from the best online doctors to make sure that the treatment you are getting is the right one or not. There are many doctors who claim to provide the best thyroid treatment, but when a second opinion is sought, it might be found that the treatment done was not right. In most cases, there is a complaint regarding the dosage of the medicine that is recommended. And this is where an expert opinion comes handy. An expert endocrinologist will study all the reports and suggest the right dosage of medicine. In fact, he will also suggest doing the tests after a few months to understand the progress. He will adjust the dosage of the medicine accordingly depending on the test results.

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How Ents Treat Thyroid Nodules

Some patients experience one thyroid nodule, while others may have several nodules within their glands. In women, thyroid nodules can vary from very tiny to large sizes. For the most part, thyroid nodules are not cancerous and they do not show their symptoms. That said, the ENT specialist may prescribe extra medical evaluation and treatment when the nodules appear to cause severe problems to the patient.

Based on the type of nodule and the severity of the associated symptoms, ENT clinics may recommend different treatment options. On some occasions, ear, nose and throat specialists may resort to surgery where appropriate.

Additionally, ENT professionals may conduct the following examinations to help treat your thyroid nodule condition.

  • Thyroid function tests, including thyroid-stimulating hormone
  • Blood tests and radiological examination
  • Ultrasound scan to observe the sizes and appearance of the nodules
  • Fine needle aspiration biopsy. ENT doctors pass a small needle into the lump to pick tissue samples for pathological tests. The procedure is safe and almost painless.

Help Getting Through Cancer Treatment

List of Private Doctors and Practitioners

People with cancer need support and information, no matter what stage of illness they may be in. Knowing all of your options and finding the resources you need will help you make informed decisions about your care.

Whether you are thinking about treatment, getting treatment, or not being treated at all, you can still get supportive care to help with pain or other symptoms. Communicating with your cancer care team is important so you understand your diagnosis, what treatment is recommended, and ways to maintain or improve your quality of life.

Different types of programs and support services may be helpful, and can be an important part of your care. These might include nursing or social work services, financial aid, nutritional advice, rehab, or spiritual help.

The American Cancer Society also has programs and services including rides to treatment, lodging, and more to help you get through treatment. Call our National Cancer Information Center at 1-800-227-2345 and speak with one of our trained specialists.

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What Should I Expect When Seeing An Endocrinologist

Youll most likely see an endocrinologist during an outpatient visit to their office. You can expect that theyll ask thorough questions about your medical history, current medications and symptoms. They may also perform a physical exam.

A note from Cleveland Clinic

Getting a new diagnosis can be overwhelming. If you have a condition that affects your endocrine system, such as diabetes or thyroid disease, an endocrinologist can help you manage and treat your condition. Theyre experts in their field and have up-to-date knowledge on medications, procedures and technology that can help you. If youre currently seeing your primary healthcare provider to manage your endocrine condition and want more specified care and information, dont be afraid to ask them for an endocrinologist recommendation or referral.

Choosing A Healthcare Provider

Once you know what type of healthcare provider you wish to see, there are several things to consider before you make your appointment. This is an important decision for several reasons. Not only is thyroid disease something that often requires long-term care, but it isn’t always easy to treatand working to find an effective treatment can make a difference in outcomes.

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Thyroid Disorders And Pregnancy

  • Hyperthyroidism: Options during pregnancy include observation, medication or surgery . The choice depends on the cause and severity of the overactive thyroid
  • Hypothyroidism : It is typically treated with an oral thyroid hormone
  • Thyroid nodules: Treatment options include observation as well as further assessment with a fine needle aspiration biopsy
  • Thyroid cancer: It may be observed, treated with thyroid hormone, or treated surgically. It is infrequently diagnosed during pregnancy

What Is Graves Disease

Hypothyroidism | Under-Active Thyroid | What All Patients Need to Know

The disease was discovered by its namesake, Robert Graves, in 1835.

Graves disease is an autoimmune response which results in hyperthyroidism .

The thyroid produces hormones which affect a wide range of bodily functions, and because of this, Graves disease can affect a large number of your bodys systems.

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Thinking About Taking Part In A Clinical Trial

Clinical trials are carefully controlled research studies that are done to get a closer look at promising new treatments or procedures. Clinical trials are one way to get state-of-the art cancer treatment. In some cases they may be the only way to get access to newer treatments. They are also the best way for doctors to learn better methods to treat cancer. Still, they’re not right for everyone.

If you would like to learn more about clinical trials that might be right for you, start by asking your doctor if your clinic or hospital conducts clinical trials.

What Is Thyroid Disease

The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland at the front of your throat. It produces hormones that are crucial to many bodily functions, including growth, development, and metabolism. These hormones are called thyroxine and triiodothyronine . Thyroid function depends greatly on another glandthe pituitary, which monitors hormone levels and tells your thyroid how much to produce.

The pituitary exerts this control over the thyroid with the aptly named thyroid-stimulating hormone . When thyroid hormone levels drop, the pituitary releases more TSH to stimulate the thyroid to increase production.

In thyroid disease, you can end up with either too much thyroid hormonehyperthyroidismor too littlehypothyroidism. Hyperthyroidism speeds up your body’s systems and processes, while hypothyroidism slows them down, leading to opposite symptoms.

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Your Symptoms Dont Improve

If you have been seeking treatment for your thyroid gland from your general practitioner, your treatment may have been limited due to a lack of specialization. This might not be enough to handle your condition, resulting in symptoms that dont improve over time and perhaps actually get worse. If you dont see the desired results from your treatment, its time to find an endocrinologist.

The Difference Between An Endocrinologist Thyroidologist And Osteopathic Doctor

4 Hypothyroid Symptoms  One Solution And Why 99% Of Doctors Treat It ...

An endocrinologist is probably going to be your first choice in top thyroid doctors when you are looking for a purely medical approach to treatment. Endocrinologists treat diseases associated with the hormone systems in the body. The thyroid is a major player in the body’s hormone production.

A thyroidologist is more specific. They specialize only in thyroid function and disease and are often surgeons who can perform the delicate thyroid surgery needed to remove tumors or nodules on the thyroid gland that can cause hypothyroidism.

A doctor of osteopathy is a more all-around physician who is trained to consider the patient’s whole health when making a diagnosis. In many ways, those who find traditional thyroid testing incomplete or inaccurate to diagnose their thyroid problems will have a more positive outcome from a doctor who isn’t focused on a single type of test to diagnose a thyroid condition.

Facts About Thyroid Disease

Once you have narrowed down your choices near you, it is important to make the best choice for you. Even the best thyroid doctors may not be a perfect fit for you or your personality.

Make an initial consultation appointment.

During this meeting, you should seek information from the doctor regarding his philosophy of treating hypothyroidism. This isn’t an examination or testing. Don’t expect, or even request blood tests at this time. As the doctor how he evaluates possible thyroid problems.

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Find The Right Doctor

Identifying the signs that you need to see an endocrinologist is one thing, but finding a suitable doctor to treat your condition is another. Make sure you find a doctor who is conveniently locatedsomeone you can reach quickly in an emergency and with whom you feel comfortable. Dr. Philip Rabito is considered among the best endocrinologists in New York City. He has extensive training and experience in diagnosing and treating thyroid disorders.

Choosing To Stop Treatment Or Choosing No Treatment At All

For some people, when treatments have been tried and are no longer controlling the cancer, it could be time to weigh the benefits and risks of continuing to try new treatments. Whether or not you continue treatment, there are still things you can do to help maintain or improve your quality of life.

Some people, especially if the cancer is advanced, might not want to be treated at all. There are many reasons you might decide not to get cancer treatment, but its important to talk to your doctors and you make that decision. Remember that even if you choose not to treat the cancer, you can still get supportive care to help with pain or other symptoms.

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Evaluating Your Current Healthcare Provider

Once you see a healthcare provider for your thyroid condition, it’s a good idea to step back and decide whether or not this is the healthcare provider you wish to continue seeing.

Having a list of questions to ask yourself can sometimes make this decision a bit more objective. You probably won’t be able to get everything you want in one thyroid doctor, so it’s helpful to decide what is most important to you, as well as what is realistic.

When To See An Endocrinologist For Thyroid Disorders

#1 Absolute Best Way To HEAL Your THYROID

by Magnolia Endocrinology | Jul 30, 2020 | Endocrinology

Through the hormone it produces, the thyroid influences almost all of the important processes in your body, including breathing, heart rate, digestion, and temperature. These systems fluctuate depending on the amount of thyroid hormone being secreted. Problems occur if the thyroid makes too much or too little hormone. When functioning improperly, the thyroid can cause a range of problems, including drastic changes to your weight, energy, digestion, or mood.

Mrs. Temple Simpson, MPAS, PA-C, an endocrinology PA at Magnolia Endocrinology, recommends seeing an endocrinology provider when youre first diagnosed with a thyroid disorder to review and understand your condition, your test results, and your treatment plan. Patients benefit from an endocrinology visit to ensure their diagnosis is accurate and the treatment plan will achieve maximum resolution of symptoms, says Temple Simpson. We opened Magnolia Endocrinology to provide rapid access to an endocrinology provider as well as the benefits provided by our advanced treatment technologies. We believe that listening to the patient is an important component of our highly experienced teams successful outcomes.

We recommend seeing an endocrinologist for these additional concerns if:

Some common symptoms that can perpetuate if you have untreated or improperly treated hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism include:

“*” indicates required fields


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When To See A Thyroid Specialist

Tamara Wexler, MD, PhD, an endocrinologist at NYU Langone Health in New York City recommends seeing an endocrinologist at least once when youre first diagnosed with hypothyroidism to review your condition, your test results, and your treatment plan. After one or two visits, you may not need to keep seeing him or her regularly, she says. Thats when your primary care doctor can usually take over.

Other times it’s smart to see an endocrinologist are when:

Symptoms of hypothyroidism dont get better despite treatment. If you’ve been taking medication to replace your thyroid hormone for a while but your symptoms persist, you might want to see an endocrinologist for a second opinion, says Cathy Doria-Medina, MD, an endocrinologist with HealthCare Partners Medical Group in Torrance, California. Some people with hypothyroidism have a more difficult time finding the concentration of thyroid hormone medication that works best for them. In these situations, a specialist often can help, she says.

You have a thyroid nodule or lump. Your thyroid gland is located in the front of your neck, just below your voice box. If you have a lump, nodule, or other growth on your thyroid, an endocrinologist should examine it. Most are harmless , but once in a while a more serious change is happening. Five percent of thyroid nodules are cancerous, according to the Cleveland Clinic. And sometimes though its rare thyroid nodules actually cause hypothyroidism.

Years Experience 600 At Clinic

As an endocrinologist, he is an experienced, well-liked, and hard-working member of the medical community. He did well in school and got his DM in endocrinology from Osmania Medical College in Hyderabad, MD in paediatrics from Osmania Medical College in Hyderabad, and MBBS from Gandhi Medical College in Hyderabad.

He has won the prestigious Dr. Y.R. Reddy Gold Medal for Paper on Assessment of Psychological Morbidity in Visually Challenged Adolescent Students and the S.V. Rao and M.M. Swamy Medal for passing MD part-2 on the first try with the best dissertation. He is a successful Endocrinologist treating with the disorders of hypo and hyperthyroidism and also treating the patients facing problem of various disorders regarding to the the field of hormone disorders

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Who Treats Thyroid Cancer

Depending on the type and stage of your thyroid cancer, you may need more than one type of treatment. Doctors on your cancer treatment team may include:

  • A surgeon: a doctor who uses surgery to treat cancers or other problems
  • An endocrinologist: a doctor who treats diseases in glands that secrete hormones
  • A radiation oncologist: a doctor who uses radiation to treat cancer
  • A medical oncologist: a doctor who uses chemotherapy and other medicines to treat cancer

Many other specialists may be involved in your care as well, including nurse practitioners, nurses, psychologists, social workers, rehabilitation specialists, and other health professionals.

Care For Thyroid Disorders

Hypothyroidism Type 2 (Dec 2008) Townsend Letter for Doctors &  Patients ...

Some 10 million Americans suffer from hypothyroidism, a common thyroid disorder in which the body doesnt produce enough thyroid hormone, leading to fatigue and weight gain.

Endocrinologists in the Sutter Health network specialize in caring for patients with hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism and other thyroid disorders, including thyroid cancer and goiters. Although these conditions can be uncomfortable, most are highly treatable.

Endocrinologists often recommend a variety of services to treat thyroid disorders, including:

  • Lab Tests Diagnostics to measure hormone levels include thyroid function tests.
  • Medications To balance hormonal levels.
  • Thyroid Surgery To treat conditions including cancerous and benign thyroid nodules, large goiters and overactive thyroid glands.
  • Radioactive Iodine To treat overactive thyroid due to Graves disease or toxic nodules.
  • In-office Procedures These include thyroid ultrasound and ultrasound-guided fine-needle aspiration biopsy of the thyroid or parathyroid.

Dont suffer from a thyroid condition alone. Endocrinologists in the Sutter Health network can treat your condition and help restore you to good health.

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Who Treats Thyroid Disease

Several types of healthcare providers can play a role in managing thyroid disease and its symptoms. Some people only see one healthcare provider for thyroid-related issues, while others have a medical team they work with to manage their disease. The types of healthcare providers you may want to consider include:

  • Primary care doctors
  • Holistic thyroid practitioners, including naturopaths and chiropractors

You Have A Noticeable Lump In Your Thyroid Gland

If you have a known problem with your thyroid gland, palpate the area to make sure no lumps or nodules have formed. If you do happen to find a growth on your thyroid gland, that will require the attention of a specialist to properly diagnose and treat it. Strange lumps may be due to a goiter, an enlargement of portions of the thyroid gland, or a complete enlargement of the whole gland. Most of the time, these nodes and lumps are benign, but there is a chance they may be the cause of certain thyroid conditions, and they may even be cancerous. An endocrinologist must observe them to determine why they have formed and if there are any negative effects.

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