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Fort Worth Diabetes And Thyroid Center

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Fort Worth Thyroid Center

The Fort Worth Thyroid Center at Fort Worth ENT & Sinus is dedicated to providing comprehensive treatment plans for all of our patients with thyroid diseases.

The Fort Worth Thyroid Center at Fort Worth ENT & Sinus is dedicated to providing comprehensive treatment plans for all of our patients with thyroid diseases. Our thyroid experts specialize in treating all manners of thyroid and parathyroid disorders, including:

  • Hypothyroidism/Hashimotos disease
  • Thyroiditis/postpartum thyroiditis

Preparing For Your Appointment

On the day of your appointment, please allow time for registration. Moncrief Medical Center has welcome kiosks and staff located at the main entrance to help you check in.

Please bring your current insurance card, a method of payment , and a complete list of your current medications and dosages .

To make the most of your time with the doctor, make a list of questions ahead of time and bring them to your appointment.

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The Woodmont Company Begins Construction Of A Medical Office Building For Diabetic And Thyroid Center Of Fort Worth

The Woodmont Company has started construction along with Dennett Construction on a new three story, 41,217-square-foot medical office building located at 6850 Harris Parkway in Fort Worth, Texas. The Diabetic and Thyroid Center of Fort Worth will occupy 14,000 square feet with 25,000 square feet available for lease. An additional pad site is also available for development and lease. Completion of the building is scheduled for January 2023.

Designed by Bennett Benner Partners, the building will feature central heating and air conditioning, abundant parking and large floorplates with floor-to-ceiling glass windows. It is located in the Southwest Fort Worth Medical District and provides great frontage on Harris Parkway and visibility from Chisholm Trail. The building is minutes from Interstate 30, providing convenient access to the Southwest Fort Worth market and Downtown Fort Worth.

Colton Wallis and Wes Mugarian of Dodson Commercial Real Estate is overseeing leasing at the building which can accommodate a wide variety of user ranging from 2,295 to 19,810 square feet.

Nationally Ranked In Endocrinology

THE BEST 10 Endocrinologists in Fort Worth, TX

UT Southwestern Medical Center is ranked among the nations top 20 hospitals for diabetes and endocrinology care, according to U.S. News & World Report.

The endocrine system is a complex collection of hormone-producing glands that control basic functions including metabolism, growth, and sexual development.

The endocrinology team at the UT Southwestern Monty and Tex Moncrief Medical Center at Fort Worth offers expert care for all disorders of the adrenal, pancreas, pituitary, thyroid, and parathyroid glands.

UT Southwestern is a major referral center for patients with the most complex neuroendocrine conditions. Our clinicians work collaboratively with our researchers to provide patients with the most up-to-date therapeutic interventions for endocrinology disorders.

UT Southwestern is proud to bring the expertise of our endocrine specialists to patients living in the Fort Worth area. Our patients also have access to the entire UT Southwestern medical community.

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Conservative Treatment At Fort Worth Thyroid Center

While thyroid surgery is sometimes the best option, our thyroid specialists treat every patient with the most conservative treatment that will produce the most effective results for his/her condition. Conservative thyroid disorder treatments may include:

  • Antithyroid medications
  • Radioactive iodine

When thyroid surgery or parathyroid surgery is necessary, your thyroid surgeon can typically perform a minimally invasivethyroid surgery which requires a very small incision that is hardly visible when placed at the natural crease of the neck. Our teams primary goal in any thyroid procedure is a safe and successful outcome. Other goals of thyroid surgery include:

  • Minimal discomfort
  • Least possible scarring
  • Seamless transition into resuming normal daily activities

While complications with thyroid surgery are not common, it is best to select a surgeon who has extensive training and experience with thyroid surgery, such as those at Fort Worth ENT. Be sure to ask your surgeon how many thyroid surgeries he/she performs each year. An expert thyroid surgeon expects and is prepared for such questions and certainly will not be offended.

The thyroid surgeons at Fort Worth ENT have over three decades of collective experience treating thyroid disorders and performing thyroid surgeries and are highly respected by other professionals in the otolaryngology community.

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Regular work hours. Your coworkers are helpful but dont expect the same from management. Job was easy.


Unliveable pay. Management will say one thing to you and do another as soon a s a patient complain. Offered no benefits.

Free 1hr lunch. Which you spend trying to catch up with your work.


After 9 months of working here with no complains, I was told I wasnt doing my job correctly and got fired on the spot, no warning. They go through MAs fast. In the period of time I was there they hired and fired multiple MAs . If the PA or Provider doesnt like you they fire you. If you dont seem to fit in they fire you. If patients complains they fire you. Not only that but Dr.s see patients every 15 min. You room for at least 2 providers. And in between rooming pt you need to keep up with Prior Auths., Referrals, emails, faxes, phone calls, msg, orders, medication refills, etc, Mind you they have 4 dr.s, each dr has 2 PAs thats a lot of pt. To much work for very very little pay. Would not recommend working here unless you Like taking stress home. In order to catch up with your work you need to take it home and thats time Unpaid for.

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Diabetes And Thyroid Center Of Fort Worth

  • Primary CareWe are so excited that you would like to become one of our patients. If you have never been seen by a DTC physician before, please have your primary care doctor or referring physician send us a referral. After receiving some baseline medical information regarding your situation, we will be able to better schedule you with an appointment time and will contact you to schedule. This physician to physician referral is not an insurance referral, and is required by DTC regardless of your insurance. Please note, if you have been seen by a DTC physician before, you will be scheduled with the same physician that you have historically seen. DTC does not transfer patients within practice across physicians.

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California woman receives life-saving kidney transplant at Medical City Fort Worth

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Doctors & Physicians

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Diabetes And Thyroid Center Of Fort Worth To Spend $150000000 To Occupy 13739 Square Feet Of Space In Fort Worth Texas

Craig Etkin

Fort Worth, Texas According to state and local economic development sources Diabetes and Thyroid Center of Fort Worth plans to invest $1,500,000.00 to build out 13,739 square feet of new space in Fort Worth. The company plans to occupy the new space at 6844 Harris Parkway, Suite 300 in Fort Worth, on or about April 1, 2023. According to the company website Dr. Chris Bajaj is a passionate dedicated physician with a focus on prevention of health problems and complications. In our daily chaotic lives, the importance of nutrition, physical activity and stress management can not be overlooked. Medications and treatments are often needed, but Dr. Bajaj understands how important patient knowledge and how proper lifestyle modification can significantly improve our health. In the motivated patient, impressive health changes can be made. In 2007, he joined Dr. Darren Lackan in opening the Diabetes and Thyroid Center of Fort Worth. Since this time, the practice has flourished and grown significantly.

To learn more about Diabetes and Thyroid Center of Fort Worth, visit

Company Contact:

Diagnosing And Treating Thyroid Disorders

Prior to any thyroid treatment, the Fort Worth Thyroid Center specialists will utilize state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to identify the problem and plan your personalized treatment. A complete thyroid function panel will be administered to help evaluate thyroid functionality and measure hormone levels in the blood.

A thyroid panel typically includes testing for:

  • Thyroid-stimulating hormone
  • Total or free triiodothyronine

Your Fort Worth thyroid specialist may also recommend thyroid testing for calcitonin, thyroid antibodies,thyroglobulin, and TBG , as well as perform an ultrasound and/or needle biopsy to help determine the presence and extent of the thyroid disorder.

If you are experiencing symptoms of a thyroid disorder and are looking for a thyroid professional to help manage your treatment, contact the thyroid experts at the Fort Worth Thyroid Center for a comprehensive evaluation.

If you would like an appointment with one of our physicians at Fort Worth Thyroid Center please complete an online appointment request or phone .

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