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Herbs Good For Thyroid Health

Good: Chicken And Beef

Herbs for Thyroid Health

Zinc is another key nutrient for your thyroidyour body needs it to churn out thyroid hormone. Taking in too little zinc can lead to hypothyroidism, according to a 2013 study published in the International Journal of Trichology. But get this: If you develop hypothyroidism, you can also become deficient in zinc since your thyroid hormones help absorb the mineral, explained Ilic. And when that happens, you may also experience side effects like severe alopecia, an autoimmune condition that attacks hair follicles and makes them fall out in clumps, according to one 2013 report in the International Journal of Trichology.

You probably get enough zinc already , but if you have a poor diet or a GI disorder that interferes with your ability to absorb zinc, you might be at risk for a deficiency, said Ilic. Meats are a good source, according to the NIH: One 3-ounce serving of beef chuck roast contains 7 milligrams a 3-ounce beef patty contains 3 milligrams and a 3-ounce serving of dark chicken meat contains 2.4 milligrams.

Natural Remedies For Thyroid Issues

1. Ashwagandha

So for starters, the No. 1 natural remedy you need to start to support the thyroid is ashwagandha, which is proven to heal thyroid and adrenal issues. Ashwagandha is known as an adaptogenic herb. Adaptogen herbs mean they help you adapt and deal with stress, and ashwagandha has been used for thousands of years in Chinese medicine.

Other adaptogenic herbs can include things like tulsi or holy basil also things like rhodiola and ginseng and licorice root. All of those are adaptogen herbs, but ashwagandha may be the most effective at naturally supporting overall thyroid health, especially as a natural treatment for hypothyroidism and Hashimotos. In fact, in the studies on it, it was actually shown to help both hyper and hypothyroid symptoms, which is amazing.

So, you should definitely add ashwagandha to your hypothyroidism diet since it works as a way to treat hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism.

2. Selenium

The No. 2 thing you should consider adding in to overall improve your thyroid function is selenium. The benefits of selenium are critical actually, selenium has very powerful antioxidant-like functions. In fact, studies have shown that selenium helps balance out T4 in your body hormones, so again, taking a therapeutic dose of selenium every day has also been shown to benefit thyroid function.

There are also foods high in selenium you can consume, including:

5. Proteolytic Enzymes

How Herbal Tea Can Help Your Thyroid + 6 Teas You Need To Try

For all those coffee-lovers concerned about their thyroid function, it may be more beneficial for you to switch to tea. This is because although there are definite benefits to be found in coffee as it contains a high level of antioxidants and polyphenols and has been shown to even help prevent cancer, diabetes, depression, cirrhosis of the liver, and gallstones, coffees impact on the thyroid may cause it to be more detrimental than beneficial.

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But This Is Not The End Of The Story

While all of these herbs have traditionally been used in hypothyroid, they are typically not enough. Serious long-term effects can result from attempting to treat your hypothyroid condition with herbals alone. Negative effects from not properly treating hypoythroid conditions include elevations in cholesterol and lipids, 3,6 decreased fertility,7 and poor gastrointestinal health. Elevations in TSH can promote unwanted growth of the thyroid gland which is exceedingly important to take into consideration for patients with a history of nodules or thyroid cancer.8 Regular thyroid labs and imaging completed by your healthcare professional are important for the diagnosis and management of hypothyroidism. For more info on how to test your thyroid please check out this article about which labs should be run.

It is also critical to find the root cause of your hypothyroid before starting any natural treatments. Depending on the cause of your sluggish thyroid, herbal products may not be indicated and could cause more harm. Talking with your doctor before starting natural treatments is important.

Natural Remedies For Thyroid Health

3 Herbs to Help Your Thyroid

By Dr. Josh Axe, DC, DNM, CN

What Im going to share with you today are natural remedies for thyroid health. There are more people than ever before that are struggling with hypothyroidism, Hashimotos disease, hyperthyroidism and Graves disease.

If you personally are one of those people who has a sluggish thyroid, a slow metabolism, maybe you exercise and the weight doesnt come off like it should, you struggle with adrenal fatigue or lack of energy all of those are warning signs that you might have a thyroid issue.

Im going to cover my top five natural remedies that are safe, healthy and effective for improving your thyroid function and helping your body heal any sort of thyroid issue.

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Herbs That Support Thyroid Health

Herbs can greatly boost your health as they replenish essential minerals, vitamins, and nutrients missing in our diet. These natural remedies focus on fixing the root cause of thyroid issues which often occur due to stress, poor diet, and nutritional deficiencies. Plus, you don’t have to worry about any side-effects that may occur with medications.

However, it would be best if you work closely with a healthcare provider who can guide you through your journey towards thyroid healing. Many times, taking herbal supplements can help address a low or underactive thyroid in patients who aren’t responding well to thyroid medications.

Ayurvedic Herbs And Thyroid Health


Ashwagandha, an adaptogen, has been used to restore equilibrium to the body for millenia. The thyroid balancing properties of ashwagandha have been illustrated in many studies. In one 20-day study, mice were given extracts of ashwagandha daily. The authors found an increase in serum T3 and T4 levels without a significant increase in iodothyronine 5′-monodeiodinase indicating an increase in thyroid function. The researchers also noticed a decrease in gluconeogenesis and an increase in antioxidant enzyme activities. In an experiment on bipolar subjects designed to assess the cognitive benefits of ashwagandha, the authors found that it was able to increase T4 levels during the eight week study period and concluded that it may be an effective herb for subclinical hypothyroidism.


Bacopa is a very useful herb in the regulation of hypothyroidism. In an experiment on male mice, extracts of Bacopa monnieri were used in an attempt to regulate thyroid hormone levels. The investigators found that bacopa had the ability to increase T4 concentrations by 41%. In addition, bacopa played a significant role in increasing superoxide dismutase and catalase activities while decreasing lipid peroxidation thus establishing an antiperoxidative role.

Piper longum



Bauhinia Purpurea:

If you are looking forward to additional information on the above mentioned herbs send an email to Jared at .

Gannon JM1, Forrest PE1, Roy Chengappa KN1.

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Hypothyroidism And Its Causes

Hypothyroidism is one of common thyroid disorders that occurs when the thyroid gland does not produce enough thyroid hormones in order to meet the requirements of the body. The thyroid gland produces two thyroid hormones, triiodothyronine and thyroxine . Both these thyroid hormones regulate the metabolism.

Hypothyroidism may occur due to the improper functioning of thyroid gland. This condition of the thyroid may also occur when thyroid gland is not being stimulated properly by the hypothalamus or pituitary gland.

Natural Remedies For Hypothyroidism

TOP Herbs & Natural Practices For THYROID Health

The standard treatment for hypothyroidism is taking daily thyroid hormone replacement medication. Of course, medications often come with side effects, and forgetting to take a pill might lead to more symptoms.

In some cases, natural remedies may cause fewer side effects and fit into your overall lifestyle better.

The goal of natural remedies or alternative medicine is to fix the root cause of the thyroid problem. Thyroid problems sometimes start as the result of:

Changing your diet and taking an herbal supplement are two ways you can help your thyroid condition. These options may have fewer side effects than taking thyroid medication.

Also, taking an herbal supplement to help address a low or underactive thyroid may be helpful for people who arent responding well to medications.

Consider the following five natural remedies as additions or alternatives to your treatment plan.

, selenium is a trace element that plays a part in thyroid hormone metabolism.

Many foods contain selenium, including:

Hashimotos thyroiditis, an immune system attack on the thyroid, often reduces the bodys selenium supply. Supplementing this trace element has shown to help balance thyroxine, or T4, levels in some people.

Its important to talk with your doctor about how much selenium may be right for you since every person is different.

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Top Herbs For Hashimotos

Medically reviewed and written by Izabella Wentz, PharmD, FASCP

As a pharmacist, Ive seen how prescription medications for chronic conditions can often come up short in fully resolving symptoms and in making people feel better. This can be particularly true with Hashimotos. Most people will experience multiple triggers that continue to cause both symptoms and ongoing thyroid damage, even when taking prescribed thyroid medications.

Through my own trial and error investigations over the years, I have experienced firsthand the profound effect that many supplemental interventions can have on healing the human body.

Near the beginning of my own Hashimotos journey, after experiencing continued symptoms despite taking thyroid hormone medications, two of the complementary approaches that I eventually tried were acupuncture and immune-balancing herbal therapies, as recommended by my acupuncturist. I was surprised and thrilled by the results. My TPO antibodies at the time fell from the 2,000 IU/mL range to the mid-300s.

Since then, Ive seen the beneficial effects of a wide variety of herbal therapies, with many clients and readers. Today, I want to share some of my favorites with you. These herbs specifically address common triggers for Hashimotos, and research shows that they can improve thyroid hormone levels and overall thyroid health as well.

In this article, you will discover:

Best Herbs For Thyroid Problems And Support For Healthy Thyroids

The thyroid is a very small gland found in the neck area that can certainly cause a great deal of trouble if it isnt working properly. Size has nothing to do with the function of this gland. It may be small, but it performs a powerhouse of functions, including:

  • Regulation of heart and muscle activity
  • Regulates the metabolism and turns food into energy
  • Converts beat-carotene into vitamin A
  • Regulates a womans monthly cycle
  • Affects the mental process
  • Helps to regulate sex drive and libido

There are many ways you can help to keep your thyroid active and healthy. Herbs are always a terrific option that should always be used first before dangerous and toxic pharmaceuticals are even considered.

For those who have autoimmune thyroid or other types of thyroid conditions, its good to know which herbs can be used to help the thyroid return to a more normal function. Of course, in addition to adding herbs to your diet, it is vital that it be combined with other healthy lifestyle changes including managing stress, limiting exposure to toxins, getting regular sleep and exercise, and eating a healthy diet, avoiding sugar and processed foods in order for herbs to really work their magic. Simply adding herbs to an unhealthy lifestyle will rarely give one the results they are seeking.

Now, lets take a look at the top 14 herbs that are known to have an effect on the thyroid.

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Other Commonly Prescribed Herbs For Hypothyroid:

Centella asiatica, or Gotu kola, is a great adaptogenic herb that supports brain health, nerves, and mood.3 It is considered one of the safer adaptogenic herbs and is generally well tolerated by patients. One of the most common subjective symptoms that hypothyroid patients report is brain fog. Centella in herbal formula can help support cognitive function. However, on its own, this herbal is not sufficient to treat hypothyroidism.

  • THE BOTTOM LINE: This herb can help with the brain fog feeling you may have from hypothyroidism, but has not yet been shown by research to improve thyroid lab markers.

Ganoderma lucidum, a mushroom, is an adaptogenic herb that is commonly seen in hypothyroid formulas. It improves cardiovascular health, helping reduce cholesterol which is commonly elevated in poorly controlled hypothyroidism.3,4 Once again though, this herb has not been shown to improve thyroid function through research.

  • THE BOTTOM LINE: This fungal herb can improve cardiovascular health and reduce cholesterol, but has also not yet been shown by research to improve thyroid lab markers.

Cordyceps sinensis, a fungus, is also often found in hypothyroid formulas. It is a wonderful adaptogenic herbal choice for patients that are extremely fatigued. With the additional bonus that it can help with insulin sensitivity and cardiovascular health. However, once again, this herb has not been shown to improve thyroid function directly.

Powerful Plants For Thyroid Support

Good to check it out

Herbal adaptogens are a helpful way to stabilize your hormones. They also help lower levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, and balance T4 levelsyour thyroid hormone. The following herbs, spices, and foods can support your thyroid function and alleviate thyroid symptoms by balancing hormones:

  • This herb helps to balance hormones by calming the bodys response to stress. It is also known to boost endurance. As a result, it can help combat inflammation and boost your immunity. Add some ashwaganda to dandelion lattes and protein balls for an extra health kick.
  • Is also known as Siberian ginseng, because it has impacts that are similar to Panax ginseng. It helps lower the over-reactivity of the HPO axis, a feedback loop between your brain and other organs such as the kidneys, that is involved in the fight or flight response when you are stressed. Eleuthero can help balance out hormones to prevent excess levels of adrenaline and cortisol impacting on the body. This hormonal balance also helps stabilize thyroid function.
  • Assists in protecting the thyroid gland from oxidative damage and may help to lower levels of cortisol. It is also used by integrative practitioners to increase energy.
  • This comes from the active component of the thick, knotted rhizome root of the Zingiber plant and has potent anti-inflammatory actions. These help to stabilize the thyroid gland and reduce the risk of underactive and overactive thyroid conditions.
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    What Do I Drink Now

    Tea, in addition to being delicious, provides a multitude of various health benefits. In a study published by the European Journal of Public Health, it was stated that regular consumption of specific herbal teas may alleviate thyroid symptoms. That said, black tea should be avoided because it contains fluoride which negatively impacts the thyroid.

    Below are some teas that can help ease you out of the world of coffee and into improved thyroid health.

    Stay Away From A Thing Called Triclosan

    Triclosan is a common ingredient in many soaps and body washes, but it may have an adverse effect on your thyroid heath. A study conducted by the EPA showed that even minor exposure to the chemical can affect how your thyroid releases hormones. Luckily, it’s now easier than ever to avoid the stuff: In December of 2017, the FDA issued a ruling banning over-the-counter products containing triclosan.

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    Herbs That May Improve Thyroid Health

    The thyroid is an endocrine gland that controls thyroid hormone production. When irregularities develop in the thyroid, it can cause a hormone imbalance that may impact the body. No herbs can replace thyroid hormones, but some may support thyroid function.

    Thyroid conditions affect around

    The thyroid is an endocrine gland that sits in the neck. It produces hormones that affect the function and metabolism of all red blood cells containing a nucleus.

    The thyroid produces hormones responsible for regulating the bodys functions. However, thyroid conditions are one of the forms of endocrine disorders globally.

    Thyroid disorders can cause

    Including certain herbs in a persons diet may help support thyroid function.

    Herbs that may improve thyroid health include the following:

    Why Your Thyroid Matters

    Does Ashwagandha Help Hypothyroidism and Hyperthyroidism? Herbs For Thyroid Health

    When your thyroid isnt working properly, it can feel like its trying to take your whole body down with it. Fatigue is a common symptom of a low or underactive thyroid, especially for women.

    Some people also experience symptoms of an underactive thyroid before blood tests will show clinical symptoms of hypothyroidism. This is why its important to support your thyroid now, and be on the lookout for signs of low thyroid.

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    How Can You Make These Herbs A Part Of Your Daily Routine

    Though these natural remedies cannot replace conventional thyroid treatment, incorporating them in your daily life can always supplement your treatment and help you heal faster, the natural way. So how to get enough of these herbs to gain their benefits. It is wise to consult and collaborate with an expert who can guide you on choosing the best herbal alternative catering to your unique needs.

    Herbs For Hypothyroidism Can Work

    If you have a sluggish thyroid, you may not have to take prescription thyroid hormones. A sluggish thyroid is usually a symptom of another, deeper problem in the body, which prescription medication will only mask. Instead of simply taking additional hormones, herbs for hypothyroidism work with your body to restore the ideal balance of nutrients and hormones that help a thyroid regulate and produce the correct level of hormones.

    When this happens, your metabolism increases, and it is easier to maintain a healthy body weight, prevent fatigue, and have more energy for day-to-day living. With a thyroid in balance, your whole world will be improved and you will have more time and energy for the things you really care about.

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