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Stop The Thyroid Madness Doctors

What If I Have Both Antibodies For Hashis And Graves

Stop The Thyroid Madness with Janie Bowthorpe

Its called Hashitoxicosis.

This is a more difficult form of a thyroid autoimmune condition where you can have Hashimotos antibodies, PLUS an elevated TSI the latter which is a member of the Thyroid Stimulating Hormone Receptor Antibody family, and which at least 80% of Graves patients can have. You can both hyper and hypo symptoms. Low Dose Naltrexone has been helpful for many individuals who have these antibodies.

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Optimal Lab Valueshow We As Patients Learned To Interpret Lab Results

THIS WAS HUGE!! Years ago in a group started by me, , we began to notice that healthy people /healthy levels were falling in a certain part of the range. i.e it has NOTHING to do with falling anywhere in those ridiculous normal ranges!Check out below. ~Janie, hypothyroid patient and site creator

Fair Warning: This information is copyrighted. That means if you use it anywhere without the permission of the owner, in addition to failing to state where its from even after getting permission, you are doing it illegally and are making yourself open for legal action.

Understanding The Different Types Of Doctors

There are many types of doctors who treat hypothyroidism. Endocrinologists, Family Practice, Integrative Medicine Doctors, sometimes OB/GYN. However, its important to find a good doctor who truly understands the depth and complexity of hypothyroidism and does not use a one-size-fits-all treatment approach. Often I hear of patients how are prescribed Levothyroxine or Synthroid by their Endocrinologist, who will not prescribe anything else. The patients are still very hypothyroid and dont realize they need different treatment.

Doctors who practice Integrative Medicine are a great starting place in your search. In the experience of myself and many other patients, we did not find help from Endocrinologists or Family Practice doctors. Though if we could find an Endocronolist or Family Practice doctor who is willing to treat based on Step 1 above, then certainly that would be a good start.

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Hashimotos Relatedtwo Antibodies At The Minimum

TgAb measures the level of the antibody protein anti-thyroglobulin in order to discern the presence of Hashimotos disease.

Anti-TPO measures the thyroid antibody TPO. TPO refers to the enzyme made in your thyroid gland which helps produce thyroid hormones.

IMPORTANT NOTE: since some with Hashis can also have the Graves antibodies, many patients are also testing both TSI and TRAB. . TSI 80 or below is considered remission. Ideally, you should have zero TSI. Labs use either > 140 or > 125 as positive for Graves Disease. TrAb should be undetectable. Remission is when TrAb is less than .9. They also use a test called the TBII but were not sure what the perfect levels are for that one yet.

A very small body can show no antibodies, yet symptoms of Hashis. They need to talk to their doctor about an ultrasound.

Have Hashis?Highly recommended is the patient-to-patient book Hashimotos: Taming the Beast. Written in a concise style, avoiding long stories and chit chat for those with brain fog. Covers important details, also with four important patient-to-patient chapters, including one with 96 short testimonies on how actual Hashis patients got their antibodies down, and so much more.

So Should I See An Endocrinologist

19 Mistakes Patients Make (or their Doctors make for them!)

One of the common questions I receive from readers is whether they should see an endocrinologist once they have been diagnosed with Hashimotos.

Oftentimes, patients think that endocrinologists will have access to the latest and greatest advances in medicine, but this is not necessarily the case with Hashimotos.

While I have the utmost respect for the profession of endocrinology and believe that every person who has been diagnosed with Hashimotos should see an endocrinologist at least once for a full evaluation and a thyroid ultrasound, many patients with Hashimotos end up disappointed with the care they receive from their endocrinologists and conventional doctors.

This is because the conventional medical approach to treating thyroid disease focuses on replenishing thyroid hormone levels with the use of synthetic thyroid medications once the thyroid has burned itself out and can no longer produce its own thyroid hormones.

While there is a time and place to see an endocrinologist, I recommend that most people with Hashimotos find a functional medicine-minded practitioner who can help dig for root causes and take an individualized approach to treating the condition.

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Book Review Stop The Thyroid Madness Ii Edited Byjanie A Bowthorpe

Janie Bowthorpe has become a force to be reckoned with. Her first book, Stop the Thyroid Madness, chronicles her return to health after decades of dealing with misdiagnoses and misguided treatments. She describes herself as suddenly becoming more alive after finding out about desiccated whole thyroid and changing from l-thyroxine treatment only. Her book can be an inspiration to anyone who struggles with reduced energy levels or never feels quite well. Bowthorpe is also the author of a blog in which she shares the huge amount of thyroid information she has discovered herself and gathered from others who she engaged through social media.

Bowthorpe has taken another direction with Stop the Thyroid Madness II. In this volume, she serves as the editor of a collection of chapters written by practitioners who have recognized the complexity of thyroid issues. These practitioners have made large changes in their approach to recognizing thyroid dysfunction and assisting their patients to truly turn their health around.

The current standard for treating thyroid issues blessed by the society of endocrinologists is to only use one thyroid test, thyroid stimulating hormone , and then only to use one thyroid hormone, T4, to treat. After treatment, only the results of dropping serum TSH levels are used as a measure of success. Healthcare practitioners are taught that this standard prevails, while the fact that resolution of symptoms has not happened is dismissed.

Stop The Thyroid Madness: A Patient Revolution Against Years Of Inferior Thyroid Treatment

1) This world-renowned bible of patient experiences and observations which is now updated, continues to have the life-changing information, no matter your cause of hypothyroidism

2) but it now has numerous updates throughout where needed, and out-of-date information removed.

3) Both adrenals chapters 5 and 6 have been updated a great deal about the use of Adrenal Cortex , while still having info about hydrocortisone . Chapter 6 now mentions what information applies to either ACE or HC, or BOTH. Both mention the importance of saliva cortisol rather than blood.

4) The T4 chapter now mentions Tirosint, a gel form of T4, but continues to explain the problem of forcing the body to live for conversion alone, whether gel or not. That fact will not change.

5) There are now light gray rectangular boxes throughout the book, meant to highlight certain important sentences of information.

6) Emphasis is now on serum iron. i.e. the former book would mention both iron/ferritin, but we now know that its far more about serum iron as far as what to make optimal. The emphasis about ferritin is more about its ability to reveal inflammation, but can reveal a methylation issue when low with good or high iron.

7) Examples of more changes:

9) There are additions to the list of supplements as well as certain foods.

NOTE: Ignore the part in Chapter 2 that said NP Thyroid still works. It was later recalled due to lots of problems in 2020.

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Give Me A Break Aka Doctors Hall Of Shame

Why does this page exist? To give a variety of actual, real-life statements, both humorous and pitiful, made by doctors and reported by their patients. and why so many knowledgeable patients are forced to fire them and find a much better doctor! Laughor cry!

From 2006 to the presentand these are only a SMIDGEN of the kind of things patients here! P.S. When you see NDT, that refers to Natural Desiccated Thyroid.


108) Says patient: I was diagnosed at 17. Im now 36. I experienced a myxedema coma at the of 30 with a TSH of 967. My doctor is hung up on TSH as they all are. Yesterday, I had my lab follow up. Last time, she decreased my Synthroid. I am now experiencing symptoms again along with inflammation of my thyroid. Before my follow up, I was taking 137 Synthroid and 10 Cytomel. My labs showed a tsh of 0.3, mid range free T4, and lower normal range free T3. So of course, my doctor lowers my dose of Synthroid. I told her, You are lowering my dose of medication while my thyroid is swollen. I think you agree that it will make the swelling worse. So, what do you want me to do about the inflammation? She responds with, Take some Advil. Yes of course! Why didnt I think of that? Ill take some Advil every day for the rest of my life. Idiots!

He looked at her brightly and said well done and patted her patronizingly on the shoulder.

1) Your TSH is normal, so you are normal.

2) You have hypochondria.

62) Said to a patient by her Endo:


The Right Way To Find A Good Doctor

Stop the Thyroid Madness Update: A new Conversation w/ Janie Bowthorpe

A friend of mine, Kerry, recently confessed to me and a few friends that it was time to find a new doctor. Her normal one had been a disappointment for her far too many times. Time to move on.

And how she is moving on TOTALLY impresses me, and I think all of you reading this should consider this positively assertive and self-advocating strategy.

First, she scoured through her list of doctors on her insurance plan, and found one that looked promising. She called and spoke to his nurse on the phone. She then told us the following: I explained that I use Armour and refuse to change meds I am VERY involved in my health I watch my Frees carefully and dont rely on the TSH at all since the feedback loop is interrupted by meds..etc. With that said, the nurse stated she would check with the doctor.

In other words, my friend Kerry refused to do what all of us have done most of our livesapproach the doctor passively. She clearly outlined who she is, where her intelligence is about her body, and that she expects a partnership, not a demi-god, one-sided dictatorship of what is right and what isnt right for her health care.

She also stated that if this doctor didnt come through, her next strategy was to write a letter about her health needs and how she wants to be very involved in her treatment, then fax it to every available doctor on her insurance list in her area and see if she gets someone calling.


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Responses To The Right Way To Find A Good Doctor

  • sara

    Hi there. Does anyone of a good doctor in New York or New Jersey?thank you

  • Hello. I cant say enough about the great information I have found through this site. I am looking for a Dr in the Indianapolis area. The one on the good doc list that looked promising is no longer taking new patients! Anyone have a good doc in the Indy area

  • My family history is full of bad thyroids Im just started Armor,and I feel like Im swimming is circles as well . Im so tired of the blood work coming OK ,but still being 40 pounds over weight!Im looking for a good Dr in the mid Michigan area . Can anybody suggest any ?

  • Dr. Margit Winstrom621-9291She doesnt take insurance, but she will listen to you and work with you to get you on track with your thyroid issues. I found her after going through 3 endos that didnt have a clue. Highly recommend!

  • Hi Barbara! I see your recommend dr Winstrom but its been a few years. Would you still recommend her? Im thinking heavily about going to her. If you see this, please let me know what you think. Thank you!! I pray this note finds you well.

  • Hi Susan! I know its been awhile since youve posted, so I hope youve found a good doctor. Did you? I live in Houston as well and was wondering if you tried the recommendation below, Dr Winstrom? And how it went? I pray this note finds you wellplease let me know if you recommend Dr Winstrom. Thank you!

  • Stop The Thyroid Madness

    Inferior medical diagnosis and treatment of thyroid disorders are, apparently, a common thing in our medical system. It might be claimed that our medical systems have not advanced to the level of managing the disorder well enough. The only reason this argument wont pass is because many patients have suffered from the incompetence of the system and have discovered that only they can help themselves. This has made it necessary for thyroid patients to come together online on a forum dubbed Stop The Thyroid Madness.

    All these patients have, at one time in their lives, suffered from medical thyroid issues. One Janie Bowthorpe has actually written a book concerning the same. She also operates the forum and owns the website. Her book which is currently available on Amazon shows just how much the disease is mismanaged. She actually labeled it a patients movement against decades of inferior treatment. Janie suffered from an undiagnosed thyroid condition for many years during which doctors kept saying that she was okay. It was only when she saw information about a natural drug on a certain website that she started experiencing the good life she once knew.

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    Show Notes & Links From The Video

    In this video, I interview Janie Bowthorpe. Janie Bowthorpe is an author and thyroid advocate. She is the Author of the Stop the Thyroid Madness books as well as the creator of the Stop the Thyroid Madness Website where she has spent many years writing about her experience and the experience of other thyroid patients. With the use of NDT, she was able to reclaim her life and she now helps other thyroid patients do the same.

    We spend a lot of time time talking about Natural Desiccated Thyroid and what makes it a great thyroid medication. Janie goes into detail on how she was able to improve her health with the use of NDT, how much NDT she is taking, and how her dosing has changed over the years.

    We also spend time talking about the pitfalls of using thyroid facebook groups. These groups have some benefits but they can also the source of a lot of bad information which then gets propagated in the thyroid community

    If you want to learn more about Janie you can check out her website as well as her books below:

    Recommended Reading: Thyroid Dry Eyes And Mouth

    Stop The Thyroid Madness: A Patient Revolution Against


    And today, its the Stop the Thyroid Madness movement which is slowly changing the way doctors treat patients. But theres still a long way to go. So use the information in the Stop the Thyroid Madness books to give you power in the doctors office. Its only by standing AGAINST the poor standards of hypothyroid treatment can you truly get well! Customer reviews. 4.6 out


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    The Sttm Group Sttmgroup@groupsio

    • Hello!! Welcome to the STTM DISCUSSION GROUP for those with hypothyroidism, whether it’s an autoimmune cause like Hashimoto’s, or any non-autoimmune cause of hypothyroidism. We focus on feeling better with any form of T3 in one’s treatment, whether with a working NDT , or synthetic T4 and T3, or T3 alone. We also talk about iron, B12, Vitamin D, adrenal issues and SO MUCH MORE. Everything is based on this website: aka STTM and the books. For decades, doctors have prescribed T4-only for hypothyroid But having T3 in your treatment is FAR superior, say patients. It’s the active T3 in an OPTIMAL amount which changes lives, rids you of high cholesterol, high blood pressure, depression, weight again, and fatigue.

    **Read about and get the most informed patient-to-patient STTM books: **Get your own labwork here. **Read a summary of what informed thyroid patients have learned over the years here.

    DISCLAIMER: We are a patient-to-patient discussion group. Though the moderators attempt to give you solid information from STTM based on two decades of thyroid patient experiences, observations, and wisdom gained, it is NOT to be a substitute for a doctor relationship, or taken as personal medical advice. What you do with the information offered by a moderator is at YOUR OWN RISK and you agree to this by joining.

    Group Information

    How To Find A Good Doctor

    Doctors can be ridiculously frustrating for us as thyroid patients. A large percentage Endocrinologists, for example, usually get an F on their report cards by thyroid patients for simply being obsessed with Synthroid/levothyroxine and the TSH lab test. So use this page to find a much better doctor. The success is in your hands!~Janie, hypothyroid patient and site creator

    So whats a GOOD DOC? He/She is one who:

    1. Willingly prescribes a treatment with T3 in it.That means either synthetic T4 with synthetic T3, or T3 alone, multi-dosed, or a working NDT

    2. Uses the labs free T3, free T4 and RT3 . Its about being optimal.

    3. Is willing to let you dose to optimal by the frees rather than the inadequate TSH

    BUT NOTE: no doctor is caught up with everything we know! Some are just better than others. So go in there informed and prepared to GUIDE any doctor, which this site and the will help you do. You can have the book right with you, highlighted and bookmarked, if need be. Be proactive.

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