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What Vitamins Help Your Thyroid

Supplements To Support Thyroid

3 Vitamins You NEED to Create Thyroid Hormone

There are various multivitamins and vitamins available inthe market that state an ideal source for Thyroid Vitamin or Thyroid Health.

Supplement pills for thyroid vitamins and minerals might be theeasiest way to fulfill your daily nutrient requirement along with many herbalsupplements like ashwagandha.

Be careful before using them, herbal supplements might be safe,and you receive positive results. But not all supplements are tested orscrutinized by the Food and Drug Administration like other medicines.

A few of the supplements may have some ingredients that arenot listed on the composition label. Some of the pills dont have an exactcomposition of ingredients for each pill mentioned on the label.

There are certain thyroid support supplements that containsynthetic thyroid hormone, that can create an imbalance in thyroid hormonelevels in the body. It doesnt make a difference if they are prescribed or not.

It is always proposed to consult your doctor before takingany thyroid support supplements, vitamins, or minerals.

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Helpful Foods And Supplements

Thyroid disorders have been shown to correlate to deficiencies of several important vitamins and minerals. While it is unknown whether these deficiencies cause the disorders or make them worse, numerous studies have shown that getting proper nutrition in the form of the essential multivitamins, minerals, and dietary supplements listed below can help to improve thyroid disorder symptoms. As always, its best to speak to your doctor about your medical history before beginning any new supplement regimen.


Ashwagandha is an adaptogen that has been used to treat various medical conditions around the world for over 4,000 years. While many people think of ashwagandha as helping to reduce the bodys cortisol and stress levels, the supplement also has major benefits for those suffering from thyroid conditions. One study found that ashwagandha, a traditional medicine in Ayurveda, helped to normalize thyroid indices in patients with hypothyroidism by improving the levels of certain hormones that the thyroid gland needs to maintain normal function and health .

On the contrary, ashwagandha for thyroid health can be a bit polarizing as it can worsen the symptoms of hyperthyroidism. This is why speaking to a medical professional for specific treatments is essential.

Vitamin B12

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What Other Vitamins And Supplements Can Help With Hashimotos Disease

Research shows that several nutrients are needed for your thyroid to function optimally. Some of the most vital ones for thyroid health may also benefit people with Hashimotos disease.

These include the following:


Selenium supplementation is associated with a significant decrease in antithyroid antibodies and often improves mood and general well-being in people with Hashimotos disease.

Evidence suggests that selenium supplementation³ in patients with Hashimotos thyroiditis and known selenium deficiency may be helpful.


Zinc is an essential nutrient that plays a role in your metabolism and immune system and is vital for thyroid function. Zinc helps regulate the production and metabolism of your thyroid hormones.


People with Hashimotos disease have an increased risk of developing anemia. Iron supplements can often improve symptoms and may be necessary to correct iron deficiencies.


Curcumin, a turmeric extract, is a strong anti-oxidative with powerful anti-inflammatory properties. As a result, curcumin may play a crucial role in preventing and treating Hashimotos disease and can help protect the thyroid gland.


Low magnesium levels are linked to an increased risk of Hashimotos disease and thyroid antibodies. Magnesium supplementation may benefit people with severely low blood magnesium and improve symptoms in people with thyroid disease.

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What Are The Best Vitamins For Thyroid

The cell homeostasis maintains through oxidoreductive systems. The reduction of these byproducts triggers structural and functional damage. This is because it causes oxidative stress. Free radical damage causes diseases and aging.

Both- the lack or too much thyroid help in the promotion of oxidative stress. Thyroid problems impact levels of vitamins A, C, and E. Vitamin E, for example, lower oxidative stress. Less sensitivity to thyroid hormones takes place when lack of vitamin is corrected.

In one study, hyperthyroid patients reduced clinical symptoms through antioxidants like vitamin C and E. For patients who took these antioxidant-rich nutrients, symptoms of hyperthyroidism reduced by a significant margin.

Antioxidant benefitted those with the thyroid condition in another study. Supplementation using vitamin C and E helped along with medicines in patients with hyperthyroidism. Further, supplementation of vitamins A and E may increase the life span.

What Are Thyroid Supplements And Who Takes Them

Absolute Nutrition

Thyroid supplements are sold over the counter at pharmacies and nutrition stores. However, many of these products havent been tested and they might not contain the nutrients you need for your thyroid. Learn more about which supplements are good for the thyroid, which are questionable, and how to tell the difference.

You must visit your doctor if you have a diagnosed condition and wish to take supplements along with your medication. If youre considering vitamins, herbs, or other nutrients for your thyroid, read these descriptions of two common thyroid disorders to understand the differences in symptoms and the potential treatment options.


Hypothyroidism is typically thought of as a middle-aged womans disease. This population does develop hypothyroidism more than others, but anybody of any age and gender can have this condition. When you have hypothyroidism, your body will feel slowed down. Symptoms might include the following:

Treatment usually involves taking anti-thyroid medication. The goal of taking supplements for hyperthyroidism might be reducing anxiety or decreasing inflammation.

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Are Thyroid Supplements Effective

Yes, in combination with other lifestyle approaches like diet, stress management, and sleep, thyroid supplements are effective, as evidenced by many research studies. You want to make sure youre taking high-quality supplements and working with a healthcare professional to ensure theyre right for you.

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How To Take Vitamins For Thyroid

Top sources of thyroid vitamins and minerals can be included in the daily diet. Fish and seafood are essential. Code, white fish, tuna, and shrimp are vitamin-rich products. Dairy products like yogurt, cheese, or milk should be taken to avoid health problems. Eggs are a good source of vitamins like A and D. To counter lack of vitamin-induced thyroid, include leafy green vegetables, which are a source of iron and vitamin A.

While most doctors recommend dietary vitamin, taking supplements or pills can help. A 2012 study of females at risk for hypothyroidism found proof. Researchers showed vitamin A supplementation cut the likelihood of thyroid problems. Do check with your doctor and see if supplements are FDA approved, though. Traditional multivitamins or vitamin supplements or even herbal supplements that are genuine can be taken.

Thyroid imbalances and disorders are the functions of vitamin deficit. Vitamins for thyroid can serve to strengthen the body. They can also boost energy levels. They can restore imbalances and undo the impact of an overactive or underactive thyroid gland.

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Iodine For Thyroid Health

Iodine is an essential compound found in foods such as dairyproducts and seaweed. It plays an important role in the function of the thyroid.

The deficiency of iodine is rare in the United States due toiodized salt. Iodine deficiency can cause hypothyroidism, which makes the thyroidproduce less hormone. Supplementation with iodine, which is found in iodizedsalt, has been proven to reduce the risk of hypothyroidism in people withiodine deficiency.

Hypothyroidism, which can prompt fatigue and weight gain,dry skin, and hair loss, is a more common condition as compared tohyperthyroidism.

Hyperthyroidismoccurs when the thyroid is producing too much thyroid hormone. Hyperthyroidismcauses the body to use a lot of energy and to make unusually large amounts ofthyroid hormone. When the body makes too much thyroid hormone, it grows toofast. Over time, it may cause problems such as weight gain, fatigue, and highblood pressure. Excess amounts of iodine can also lead to hyperthyroidism,individuals taking iodine supplements are usually not advised.

Natural Vs Synthetic Treatments

Supplements which harm your thyroid (avoid these!)

There are both natural and synthetic options to balance the thyroid. We typically recommend natural thyroid supplements as part of an integrative approach to health, rather than starting with prescription medications.

The term synthetic thyroid treatments typically refers to levothyroxine synthesized T4 that looks and acts like the T4 made in your thyroid gland. To avoid confusion, know that levothyroxine is a thyroid medication, though some incorrectly call it a synthetic thyroid supplement.

What is the difference between natural and synthetic thyroid treatments? Synthetic thyroid treatments are man-made and must be prescribed by a doctor. Natural supplements are found in nature and may be taken without the advice of a physician .

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Selenium Is Essential For Thyroid Hormone Metabolism

Selenium supports efficient thyroid synthesis and metabolism, says Denise Londergan, RD, MPH, a registered dietitian in Ohio. Selenium may also reduce levels of antibodies against thyroid peroxidase an enzyme that plays an important role in the production of thyroid hormones in people with hypothyroidism, according to a study published in 2018 in the journal Diagnostics. Foods that provide selenium include tuna, shrimp, salmon, sardines, scallops, lamb, chicken, beef, turkey, eggs, and shitake mushrooms. Or you can take 100 to 200 micrograms of selenium in supplement form per day, Kellman says.

How Much Is Too Much

Its important to ensure that you arent taking more of any individual nutrient than the tolerable upper limit established by the National Institute of Health Office of Dietary Supplements. Some nutrients, such as vitamin D, can be stored in fat tissue and can be dangerous when consumed in excess through supplementation. Minerals such as iron, iodine, selenium, and zinc can also lead to serious side effects if consumed in excess.

Some beneficial nutrients for thyroid health can actually be harmful when taken in excess. Over-supplementing with nutrients like iodine, selenium, or iron can be harmful and make thyroid issues worse. This is why itâs so important to make sure youâre taking the right form and dose of any nutrients, says Greaves.

Whether individual supplement or a combination product like a multivitamin, you can ensure that your supplement does not exceed those upper limits by running your supplement by a healthcare provider

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Coleus Forskohlii For Hypothyroidism

Coleus forskohlii is a plant native to India used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine to treat various diseases including underactive thyroid. Studies about the herb are encouraging. In the body, Coleus forskohlii acts as an adaptogen by encouraging production of T4 and T3 thyroid hormones when levels are too low. Coleus forskohlii also helps to increase basal metabolism, helping the body to burn more calories by increasing lipolysis. This is a significant benefit for women experiencing low thyroid weight gain.

Naturopathic doctors generally recommend between 100-200mg a day of Coleus forskohlii when low thyroid symptoms appear. Coleus forskohlii is often used in combination with other helpful herbs and vitamins/minerals.

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Thyroid Supplements We Do Not Currently Recommend

Thyroid Support Supplement with Iodine for Hypothyroidism

Combination thyroid supplements: There are many supplements marketed to support thyroid health that combine a variety of vitamins and minerals and sometimes herbs and other ingredients. There is no research to support combining multiple nutrients, and, in many cases, more is not better. Because some thyroid-supporting nutrients like selenium and iodine have narrow optimal ranges , its best to understand which nutrients you need and can benefit from and choose supplements that meet your specific needs.

Vitamin B12: Research on the relationship between vitamin B12 and thyroid health is conflicting. Some studies suggest that people with hypothyroid are more likely to be deficient in B12 whereas others suggest no relationship. More research is needed to understand if supplements can support thyroid health. If you have a known B12 deficiency, talk to a healthcare provider about a supplement to support repletion. To better understand if you should be supplementing with B12, and, if so, which supplements to choose, take a look at our article covering the best B12 supplements.

Inositol: Inositol is a precursor to a messenger that helps produce thyroid stimulating hormone . Preliminary research suggests that inositol supplements may improve TSH and thyroid antibody levels. However, more research is needed to understand the safety and efficacy of supplementing with inositol in relation to thyroid health as well as proper dosing.

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What Are The Best Supplements For Thyroid Health

Your thyroid gland is an important hormone gland, playing a vital role in your metabolism, growth, and bodily development. The thyroid gland helps your body with many functions by releasing thyroid hormones into the bloodstream. If your body is in need of more energy under certain conditions for example, during pregnancy the thyroid gland produces more hormones. Your thyroid also manages your overall metabolism.

While the thyroid is important, thyroid problems are relatively common, with up to 7% of the U.S. population experiencing imbalances in thyroid hormones. Such issues are usually treated through medication, but theres evidence to suggest that dietary supplements and vitamins and minerals can also be part of the solution. In what follows, you can learn more about which supplements can be good for your thyroid health.

Biotin: How Much Should You Supplement It

It is important to first stop taking any vitamins that contain biotin within three days prior to having your thyroid blood tests drawn34.

When it comes down to it, biotin is best absorbed in the form of d-biotin. The ideal daily dose for adults with thyroid disease is 100 mcg per day or 333% of the recommended daily value.

Higher doses do not give greater benefit but may skew additional tests besides thyroid tests. This is true even when biotin supplements are avoided prior to testing35.

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You Can Increase Your Selenium Intake With Foods Such As:

  • whole-wheat bread

If you are concerned you arent getting adequate selenium, consult with you doctor and discuss which supplement and dose is best for you.

The National Institute of Health recommends 55 micrograms of selenium daily, for adults over 14.

We cant always control our health, but we can help our bodies stay balanced with a diet rich in variety. Dr. Murimi reminds us that our first line of defense is a healthy lifestyle, rich in nutrient-dense foods. She is also clear that food is not the only part of prevention. Exercise, sleep, and time outdoors are all part of a healthy and balanced life.

More on this topic

Vitamins For Thyroid Health

9 Thyroid supplements Every Hypothyroid Patient Should Consider Using

The secret to good thyroid health is eating the right vitamins and minerals. You can eat foods containing vitamins for thyroid or take supplements.

However, most of us lead busy lives and dont have time to eat well. Others skip meals in order to lose weight without knowing that this can have an adverse effect on the thyroid. Even if you try to eat well, by the time you buy and cook the food, chances are most of the nutrients have disappeared. A vitamin for thyroid function can keep your thyroid healthy. Take these vitamins for thyroid problems.

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Supplements For Underlying Issues

In order to take the right supplements for thyroid problems, you need to know what underlying issues are triggering your thyroid condition.

When should you take thyroid supplements? You should take thyroid supplements when lifestyle and dietary changes havent led to the healing you were hoping for.

Let a qualified healthcare provider diagnose the root cause of your thyroid condition, and have a conversation with the healthcare expert about whether a supplement is suitable for your situation.

Below, supplements are broken down by which root cause of thyroid disorder they treat.

The Right Thyroid Supplements Can Make A Huge Difference

It is possible for many people to improve thyroid hormone levels and lower thyroid antibodies without medication or to augment levels even if you are on medication. I personally have seen patients antibodies go from well over a 1000 down to as low as the 40s close to normal and the need for medication doses be significantly reduced. However, theres definitely a time and place for thyroid medication, which I also sometimes prescribe in my medical practice. Research suggests that certain supplements nutrients and herbs can reduce thyroid antibodies, improve free T3 and free T4 levels levels, and stabilize TSH all markers that thyroid health is improving. If these labs look like a foreign language to you, click here.

Whether you have Hashimotoâs, non-autoimmune hypothyroidism or are on the cusp of possibly needing medication but not absolutely requiring and want to help your thyroid before you cross that line, thatâs where a few well-selected herbs and nutritional supplements can make a major contribution, and itâs precisely why I use them in my medical practice. The new medicine for women is integrative bringing together the best of conventional and traditional approaches And thatâs what I bring to you in this article.

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The Thyroid Supplement Starter Plan

These 6 supplements can help to improve the health and functioning of your thyroid. These can be taken alone or in combination with each other. They can also be used in conjunction with thyroid medication for hypothyroidism or Hashimotos, but its important to work closely with your medical provider because if your thyroid health starts to improve, you could actually end up needing less medication a good thing but you want to check so youre not overmedicating

My usual starter go-to combination consists of selenium, myoinositol, and ashwagandha . In my practice, I always check a vitamin D level in my patients, and if that is not optimal I add vitamin D to the starter plan.â

I generally recommend trying this starter plan for at least 3 months, or as long as six months, and then staying on your supplements until thyroid health is solidly improved. You can, at any time, add in the other supplements below to get an even bigger impact, but often, simpler works just fine.

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