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Do I Test My Frees After Taking A Dose Of Thyroid Meds

Rebuttal to Wall Street Journal Comments

Weve sure learned the hard way that its a big NO!! That is because there is a slight rise of T4 after taking meds, and a definite high rise of T3 after taking T3-containing meds. We dont want to test those temporary rises. We want to know what we are hanging onto. So we take our meds as usual one day, then test the next morning BEFORE taking our thyroid meds for the day.

How To Treat Hypothyroidism

  • Synthetic T4 with Synthetic T3 Man-made thyroid hormones. We have noticed that we we have to be optimal, not just on them. They naturally lower the TSH lab test below range when we get optimal, and contrary to what doctors state, that low TSH when on these meds has notbeen harmful, and is NOT the same as what Graves disease does, and does NOT cause bone less and heart disease. We also have to have good iron and cortisol levels to tolerate raising it in search of our optimal amount.
  • T3-only We have found good results with dosing three times a day, often 4 hours apart. Mostly used by people who have a strong genetic mutation preventing the conversion of T4 to T3. Or by those with a high Reverse T3 .
  • Natural Desiccated thyroid Unfortunately, most American brands are not the consistently excellent brands they used to be. They changed< read the latter. So its hard to recommend them like we used to. So if you choose this route, we learned tokeep an eye out and see if we can get optimal, not just on it.
  • Natural Thyroid supplements These include names like NutriMeds, Thyrogold, Thyrovanz et al. But again, we find it important to see if we can get optimal. Plus we see occasional bad batches or high RT3 without the typical issues that cause high RT3.NOTE: We discovered we also have to have good iron and cortisol levels to tolerate raising any of these in search of our optimal amount.

The worst way we have learned to treat hypothyroidism

What If I Suspect I Have A Cortisol Problem

This is where the companion book Stop the Thyroid Madness: A Patient Revolution Against Decades of Inferior Thyroid treatment, aka STTM I, will help i.e. Chapters 5 and 6.

Dont guess if you have either too low or too high cortisol. Order a saliva cortisol test and find out what is going on.Then compare your results to this page, NOT just the graphic they provide afterwards.

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Im Seeing My Tsh Go Below Range

Even on non-optimal doses of a treatment with both T4 and T3, or T3-only, we have seen that its typical and expected to see a TSH lab result go below the range. And it will continue being low as we make our way up to an optimal dose.

Sadly, many report theyve had to stand firm against doctors who wrongly freak out about that normal low TSH with T3 in your treatment. Our low TSH is not the same as the low TSH seen with Graves disease, the hyperthyroid side of the coin that doctors confuse it with. Our low TSH when optimal with the frees does NOT cause bone loss or heart diseaseits uncontrolled Graves disease that can do that, or still being underdosed, or having an iron or cortisol problem keeping us underdosed.

To the contrary, when we are nearing optimal with our free T3 and free T4, or right at it, patients have reported improved bone health via scands, and improved heart health via symptoms and tests!!

How Do I Confirm Hashimotos Via Labs

172 curated THYROID GRAPHICS &  MEMES to share! ideas by therealSTTM ...

Hashis is usually confirmed by two antibodies labs, and you need both, not just one:

The first antibody, anti-TPO, attacks an enzyme normally found in your thyroid gland, called the Thyroid Peroxidase, which is important in the production of thyroid hormones. The second antibody, TgAb, attacks the key protein in the thyroid gland, the thyroglobulin, which is essential in the production of the T4 and T3 thyroid hormones.

Note: it is unfortunately common for a doctor to only do ONE test, which could look fine, yet the one your doctor didnt order reveals Hashis. Thus, we as informed patients know we need BOTH tests. Also, if your doctor just chooses the TPO, there are other autoimmune diseases that can cause a rising TPO.

Can I Get Optimal On Just T4

Hardly ever, we have experienced or observed as patients for decades. And even when someone gets close, its not uncommon to still see problems, sooner or later. Sadly, there are too many life situations that can block the conversion of T4 to T3.

Canadian Labs And Ranges:

Serum Iron Optimal results are usually in the mid-20s for women, upper 20s and higher for men)

Percent Saturation: same as US observations i.e. .35/35% for women is the ideal .38/38% and often a little higher for men.

TIBC: when range is umol/L > 45-77, low 60s is noted when iron is looking good. If range is 50-70 umol/L, usually 1/4th above bottom of range.

Ferritin: range is often 15-200, and optimal for most women is 70-90, for men its 110-120.

Note: 60% of patients have a hematologic or neurologic response to B12 supplementation at a level < 148 pmol/L

FOR THOSE WHO USE MATHheres how to find those areas of of lab ranges for thyroid, adrenals and TIBC

Top 1/4 of the range ** Math to do this, subtract the highest number in range from lowest number in range, divide by 4. Subtract this number to the highest number in range

Mid range ** Add lowest number in range to highest number in range. Divide by 2.

Bottom ¼ of the range: Subtract the right number of the range from the left number of the range, divide by 4. Add this number to the left number in the range



Other countries to order labs shown here :

A great article about the fallacy of ranges:

What About Low Dose Naltrexone And Hashis

Naltrexone is a an opioid antagonist, and when taken in low doses, has been found to elevate your endorphins, which in turn promotes better immune function. Thus, many Hashis patients report a lowering of their antibodies while using this medication. It may be challenging to get a prescription from your doctor if he or she hasnt learned about the effectiveness of LDN, so you can refer him to this LDN science site.

A WAY TO MAKE YOUR OWN: The way its used by patients is to dissolve one 50 mg tablet with 50 ml of distilled water in an amber glass bottle. It has to be shaken before use. Using a baby medicine dropper, or even more accurate, a syringe, many patients start at 1.5 ml and mix it with water or juice. Its taken a bedtime, since the best action occurs during sleep. Patients report vivid dreaming the first several nights, but it goes away. They slowly make their way up to 3 mg. The maximum is 4.5, but many like the results from 3 mg. Once antibodies fall, you may suddenly find yourself on too much medication for your needs. Check into LDN groups Facebook. Read more here.

What Are Particular Diet Plans To Help Against Inflammation And The Rise Of Antibodies

Stop The Thyroid Madness with Janie Bowthorpe

Learn about eating Paleo. The stricter form is called AIP, which stands for Autoimmune Paleo. There are many websites about itheres one. Less strict than AIP is just called the Paleo way of eating. Its based on the idea of what cavemen would have eaten. Again, many websites about this, and here is one. Author Elle Russ has an excellent book about it.

Do I Treat My Hashimotos With Thyroid Meds

Because Hashimotos means a nutty attack on the thyroid, most end up with hypothyroidism. So the majority of Hashimotos patients still end up needing thyroid medications to treat their hypothyroid state.

And patients have learned that the best way is with T3 in your treatment, first and foremost, such as T4/T3. Some who have a high RT3 end up with T3-only. Heres all about the use of T3.

The RIGHT TREATMENT, which isnt T4-only, can help Hashis patients see the attack cease just from treatment alone, probably due to improvement of the immune system. Every cell in your immune function needs T3! Some doctors have unwisely recommended non-treatment until labwork stabilizes, but that could take months and years, and you continue to suffer.

WHOOPSto successfully raise meds with T3, we have to have good amounts of iron and cortisol!! If you have bad reactions, its due to problems with either, NOT the medication in the vast majority of cases. Study:

Many patients have reported that selenium supplementation, up to 400 mcg, has helped, especially if you have high anti-TPO. Some patients have also reported that iodine supplementation outright lowered their antibodiesyes, you read that right, contrary to some who tell you no iodine. Low Dose Naltrexone has helped the more stubborn cases. See below. And of course, you have to take care of any gut problems!

What If My Test Results Show Some Antibodies But In The Less Than Or Normal Range

Having some antibodies in that normal range is, in fact, perfectly normal. Dont let someone falsely tell you that you have to have zero antibodies. Why would we have some? Because one function of the immune system is to use antibodies in the removal of dead cells.

One exception is if your normal antibodies are creeping up in that range towards the top end. That might mean its time to practice good offensive strategies, like taking care of your gut health, avoiding foods you react to, treating any inflammation, moderating stress in your life, getting the right amount of sleep. Find supportive immune system supplements. Many of those normal or less-than results do not move up to having full-blown Hashis when patients take care of themselves.

Want to order your own labwork to discern if you have Hashis?? STTM has partnered with key lab facilities, creating the right ones just for you to discuss with your doctor. No prescription needed! Go here: recommended labwork

How To Find A Good Doctor

Doctors can be ridiculously frustrating for us as thyroid patients. A large percentage Endocrinologists, for example, usually get an F on their report cards by thyroid patients for simply being obsessed with Synthroid/levothyroxine and the TSH lab test. So use this page to find a much better doctor. The success is in your hands!~Janie, hypothyroid patient and site creator

So whats a GOOD DOC? He/She is one who:

1. Willingly prescribes a treatment with T3 in it.That means either synthetic T4 with synthetic T3, or T3 alone, multi-dosed, or a working NDT

2. Uses the labs free T3, free T4 and RT3 . Its about being optimal.

3. Is willing to let you dose to optimal by the frees rather than the inadequate TSH

BUT NOTE: no doctor is caught up with everything we know! Some are just better than others. So go in there informed and prepared to GUIDE any doctor, which this site and the will help you do. You can have the book right with you, highlighted and bookmarked, if need be. Be proactive.

I Have An Optimal Free T3 Or Higher But Free T4 Is Really Low

Pin on Health
  • If this is occurring when on both T4 and T3, that can be about pooling and reveals a cortisol problem. Read this.
  • This can also happen if we are on a larger amount of T3 meds and a smaller amount of T4 meds. No biggie.
  • If this is occurring and you are only on T3-only, that is very normal if you feel great. If you dont feel great, its also about pooling.
  • How We Learned To Prepare For Labs

  • For most of the below, we stay off what we are testing for a minimum of 12 hours, and only take meds or supps after the blood test.
  • For iron, we learned to be off for up to 5 days , i.e. to see what we are holding onto.
  • For salivacortisol,we learned to be off any cortisol-containing or cortisol-changing supplement for up to two weeks. But work with your doctor. See the list here. There may be some things you canNOT get off without having problems, so please again work with your doctor.
  • For thyroid labs, we take our thyroid meds the day before as usual , THEN we test first thing the next morning BEFORE taking thyroid meds for that day. And its NOT about a rigid set of hours as many are falsely telling you.
  • Problems Associated With Being Hypothyroid

    Sadly, the longer patients are hypothyroid without treatment, or being on a poor treatment with T4-only medications like Synthroid or Levothyroxine , the more problems they end up having, we have observed in each other. Its individual which of the below will happen in a hypothyroid state.

    • high cortisol
    • low cortisol Find out by ordering a saliva test.
    • bone thinning
    • depression
    • anxiety issues
    • heart problems
    • high cholesterol
    • high blood pressure
    • inadequate iron levels and sometimes anemia
    • inadequate B12 inadequate Vitamin D (due to low stomach acid from the hypothyroid state
    • more conditions

    But Ive Had Problems When I Tried To Raise And Get My Ft3 Optimal

    If upon raising a treatment with T3 in it, you noticefeeling hyper-like, or have either heart palpitations, higher heartrate, anxiety, shakiness, etc, that is pointing to having a CORTISOL PROBLEM.

    i.e. having either low cortisol or high cortisol leads to the former symptoms when raising T3 or a medication with T3 in it . Why? We need the right amount of cortisol to distribute T3 to the cells. Without the right amount, T3 simply starts building high in the blood and not making it to the cells. This is called pooling. Thus, we first need to order and do a saliva cortisol test, we learned over and over. It is never about blood testing.

    Having a rising RT3

    If we are raising a working NDT like Armour, or T4/T3, and we see the RT3 ” rel=”nofollow”> reverse T3) lab go up, we have either inadequate iron levels, inflammationor high cortisol. Any will need discovery and treatment. Rising RT3 will eventually start lowering our free T3.

    Having a TSH-obsessed doctor who makes you lower your meds

    As much as we like having a relationship with the doctor, this is one area we strongly have noted they are wrongand backwards about. Its natural for the TSH to go very low, and it does NOT cause bone or heart problems. They are confusing it with Graves disease which causes causes the latter with a low TSH. Read about the TSH issue.

    Here are different thyroid treatments that work for Hashimotos or hypothyroidism of any cause:

    Stop The Thyroid Madness: A Patient Revolution Against

    T4-only and Natural Desiccated Thyroid–are they really equal?

    And today, it’s the Stop the Thyroid Madness movement which is slowly changing the way doctors treat patients. But there’s still a long way to go. So use the information in the Stop the Thyroid Madness books to give you power in the doctor’s office. It’s only by standing AGAINST the poor standards of hypothyroid treatment can you truly get well! Customer reviews. 4.6 out

    Can I Take Iodine When I Have Hashis

    Yes!!! If you hear or read someone state that all Hashis patients should avoid iodine, you might want to question other things you hear or read from that source. Because there are a strong body of Hashis patients who report doing quite well on iodine, and some outright report that it was their iodine use that lowered antibodies, even if others need extra help. Doing an iodine loading test can confirm if you have low iodine. And since iodine is the main component of thyroid hormones, plus has anti-cancer benefit, the use of iodine can be a wise decision.

    For others, its trickier, since iodine can promote the detoxification of certain toxins like bromide, and this can exacerbate symptoms. And they wrongly blame the iodine, when its the detox causing issues. This is why its important to learn about companion nutrients to counter the die off. Bottom line, we let each person decide what is right for them.

    What If I Have Both Antibodies For Hashis And Graves

    Its called Hashitoxicosis.

    This is a more difficult form of a thyroid autoimmune condition where you can have Hashimotos antibodies, PLUS an elevated TSI the latter which is a member of the Thyroid Stimulating Hormone Receptor Antibody family, and which at least 80% of Graves patients can have. You can both hyper and hypo symptoms. Low Dose Naltrexone has been helpful for many individuals who have these antibodies.

    Why Is It Important To Know If I Have Full Blown Hashis

    As Hashimotos increases, you will tend to swing between hypo and hyper, making dosing by labs, and especially the TSH, impossible. Your labs will be high one time, and low the nextback and forthcausing some doctors to falsely proclaim you have a mental health Bi-polar condition.

    In reality, the hyper is caused by the release of thyroid hormones into your blood due to the destruction, or as an Australian patient calls it, the yeeha of her swing. The hypo is caused by the lessening function of your thyroid due to the attack.

    Hashimotos Autoimmune Thyroid Attack

    Have you gotten a diagnosis of Hashimotos disease? Or suspect it? Its a common cause of hypothyroidism due to an attack on your thyroid by your confused antibodies. You also might see it called thyroiditis. And Hashis has its own issues that one without it may not have. So start with this informational page to become more informed!~Janie, hypothyroid patient and site creator

    Want to read more and be informed? Get the life-changing, patient-to-patient book Hashimotos: Taming the Beast>

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